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Pokud kdokoliv z vás pátrá v současné době po kapelách, které by byly podobné Tragedy nebo From Ashes Rise, ale zároveň to nebyly trapné ufňukané neo-crust kopírky, tak právě pro vás máme tuhle lahůdku v podobě švédských MYTERI! Tahle kapela vznikla na troskách jejich předešlého projektu s názvem Eskatologia a dosud má na kontě eponymní album, které doslova uhranulo crust/hardcore scénu. 

Temný crust/d-beat přesně ve stylu výše zmiňovaných legend namixovaný s klasickým skandinávským ostrým punkem a samozřejmě metalem. Pro rok 2017 chystají nové album s názvem „Ruiner“ a zároveň vám tímto dávají hlasitě najevo, že jsou připraveni naživo rozsekat publikum na Obscene Extreme Festivalu 2017!!!


2013: Myteri arose from the ashes of Eskatologia when ex members Erik and Domarn started rehearsing in January 2013. The first year was spent productively writing new material and finding a suitable lineup for Myteri. Soon after the formation of the band, John (Bombangrepp) joined the band as main vocalist. Just before the year was over, Franz (Angelpiss) joined the band as bass player. 

2014: Got off to a good start as we recruited Joe (A Hundred Black Kites) as our second guitar player. Shortly after we started planning our first tour which ended up together with the Norwegian band Agenda. A two week tour called “Nordic Crust Attack” was booked that included Norway, Sweden, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Croatia, Czech Republic and Germany. Very close to the tour difficult circumstances called for a breakup between Myteri and Joe. The tour was saved by Mattias (Vengence Of Karma/Gränslandet/Rise Of Etna), that was able to join us, only two weeks before our first show at the "128(A)" venue. 

After the tour Mattias joined Myteri as second guitar player, and what started as a temporary solution became a permanent one. Before the summer was over we played at "Hygget Festival", once again together with Agenda among others. The year ended with yet another show at "128(A)" and we had come full circle. During an intense weekend in October we played shows in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Copenhagen together with the Russian D-beat heroes in Distress. We also played at a support gig for the animal rights organization "Djurhemmet Tigerharen" and started recording our self-titled debut album and the split 7” with Born For Slaughter at the end of the year. 

2015: At the beginning of the year we continued recording. After that we went out on the mini tour "Three Front War" in Germany and Denmark together with our friends in Soteld and Vengence Of Karma. We had also got contact with ”KulturUngdom” who offered us to go to Portugal and play the "SWR Barroselas Metalfest". We had just enough time to get home from the mini tour before we went away again on tour, "Harbinger of Death". During the nine amazing days in Portugal and Spain we met many new friends, played for a wonderful audience and experienced the amazing scenery along the roads. 

Our debut album was released in September, which was celebrated with a release party at the same venue that we did our debut gig at, "128 (A)", together with many of our friends.

We were asked to go to Stavanger in Norway and play on "Tunghørt". A new festival organized by some of our friends in the Agenda. It was an offer we could not refuse. It resulted in a weekend where we also had time to play in Oslo on the way home. Before the year was over we also visited "Holger Fest" in Jonkoping "Klubb Motvals" in Arvika. This ended an unforgettable year! 

Just before our gig at "Frostbite Fest" in Copenhagen in February, our split 7" with Born for Slaughter was finally released. 
This was followed by mini tour ”A Walking Pestilence”, which began in Sweden and ended in Norway. Three of the four gigs were performed with the Chinese band Demerit, which turned out to be a very pleasant experience. In May, our self-titled debut album was released on CD and with this album got even more distribution and attention. Even before the year started we had begun planning another European tour. "Destroy All Borders" was conducted together with friends in Gränslandet. Nine gigs in Poland, Czech Republic and Germany for ten wonderful days. The summer ended with that we once again had the privilege of playing at "Hygget Festival". also played at Truckstop Alaska in Gothenburg for the first time. Then it was time for another tour. This time we toured together with our friends of the Norwegian band Avast, during the tour called "The End Of The Road". We traveled through Germany, Netherlands, Belgium and Denmark for ten intense days and played eleven gigs. 
four days after we returned home from this tour we once again entered "Studio Svavel" and began to record a new album, "Ruiner".

2017: We have had two years with many gigs and tours where we got to experience many new places and meet many great people involved in DIY culture. The people we have met on the road are truly incredible and inspiring. We are really thrilled about this year since we are going to release our second album, "Ruiner".


Datum vydání Název nahrávky Média
2016 Split with Born For Slaughter EP
2015 Myteri CD, LP
2014 The Silent Death CD


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