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Z undergroundových punkových doupat, hospod a putyk pražského Žižkova, vylezli na světlo denní a v roce 2007 začali zkoušet pod názvem GOMORA. Parta lokálních postav se vzhlédla ve špinavém crustovém stylu a společně s punkovo/metalovou divokostí tomu dávají řádně na prdel.  Po pár letech existence vydávají split LP s Life Possession nebo velkou desku „Poslední jízda“. Koncertují jak v České republice, tak i velmi často i v zahraničí.  

Jejich poslední zářez nazvaný „Popel a prach“ vyšel v roce 2016 v kooperaci několika DIY labelů z celé Evropy. A my rádi tyto punkáče zveme na prkna OEF 2017!!! IN CRUST WE BEAT!!!


Band GOMORA – While still not having a name for the band got together in pubs, the streets of Žižkov and other places where a lot of beer is consumed in 2007. Finally started practicing with Hellba-drums , Zebra on guitar and Haf on the bass. Then we were for some time looking for someone to take the microphone (Kacer from El Paso), and Havran to try it out (probably in mid-2007). After a few practices we were set. The band has a couple of shows, mostly in and around Prague and a few gigs in Bohemia, Moravia and the Slovak Republic, lots of live recordings and we have a studio recording from June 2009. Peter joins in as second guitarist in winter 2009 and so the gigs in Liberec and Dresden can be played with 5 band members. Haf is going to have a baby, and so the last gigs with him are played in 2010. Míra is more than an average new bass player and so the band is able to continue making noise soon. The finishing of the long awaited split LP with Life Possession is expected in summer 2010. The planned split LP is finished financially and layout-wise and is officially released by the end of 2010. There is another idea of releasing a compilation of Prague bands during summer. It was Helba's idea and Havran and some other people want to join in. GOMORA is at the studio to record the two songs for that compilation and  in february 2011 is it out. Name is Prague and Disorderly and next bands are: Angry Brigade, Cripplekorps, Victims of Hate, Scheiss Böhmen, Demarche, Ginunngagap a Sanitär. Gomora have here two songs: "Yperit" and "Faking Macho Pop Star". 

In 2012 was recorded material from studio Mystery and released as "Poslední jízda" LP (11 songs).  

In May/2013 Peter left  Czech Republic and the rest of the band stoped playing. In Autumn 2013 came Wolf (ex-Libera in Causa, Krueger) with Robo (ex-Libera in Causa, Fear of Extinction) to ask Zebra to start a new band. After discussion with Havran it ended up as the new line-up of Gomora. After few weeks Baboo (ex Urin) joined the band with second guitar and band could start working on new songs which were recorded in april 2015 and after almost a year finally released as the last 12" LP called Popel a Prach.


Datum vydání Název nahrávky Média
2016 Popel a prach LP LP
2013 V/A Interkomunikativní pomoc LP
2012 Poslední jízda LP LP
2011 V/A Prague and Disorderly LP LP
2010 Znamení doby (split LP w/Life Possession) LP


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