ANARCHUS - Fate of the Deported


Letos to těmhle mexickejm grinderos s evropským tour z tragických důvodů nevyšlo. Takže další příležitost se pro ně otevírá na příštím ročníku ObsceneExtreme Festivalu 2017. ANARCHUS jsou stálice grindcore scény v Jižní Americe.


Založeno již v roce 1987 a stále neúnavně brousící podzemní pódia se svým energickým grindcore výsypem. A pro tyhle týpky to není první kontakt s OEF. Již v roce 2013 zahráli na mexické verzi Obscene Extreme Festivalu, tudíž vědí, jak se připravit na šílené fans v Trutnově!!!


The history of the band begins in 1987 with the following members:


Pancho-Bass and Screams 


Miguel Guerrero-Guitarra

 In November of 1988 the first demo of the band "Total Hate" was recorded, followed in 1990 - and with Julio Alvarez in the guitar-of the first EP of the band, "Final Fall of the Gods" with Rigid Records. Both recordings get a great response in Mexico and other countries and by May of that year (1990) the band had a mini tour in Tampa Bay, Florida for the promotion of the EP playing next to bands like Assuck and Paineater.

In 1991 enters Miguel Angel Cortes "Thrasher" and in 1992 Jaime "The Grandfather" in the drums.

In spite of multiple complications and changes of members the band continues playing for almost all Mexico since 1988.

Over the following years some of the recordings have been reedited and several compilations have also been performed.

In 2004 the group carried out a very extensive and satisfactory tour of Japan

From 2012 to 2015 there was again more changes in the line up until the arrival of Luis Oropeza (who had previously been in the band,as lead guitar and with whom the band's record the first album: "Age of Consent"), Vernon Blake, Bodybag Bob and Mike Petrak. In this moment the band's working on the next album that will come out in the middle of next 2017 (coinciding with the band's 30 years of existence in addition to other projects.)and which will include another 10 new songs.


 The current line up is:



 Vernon Blake-Guitar

 Luis Oropeza-Guitar

 Bodybag Bob-Bass and backing vocals

 Mike Petrak-Drums


Datum vydání Název nahrávky Média
2016 7" Split Anarchus/Disrotted
2015 Anarchus Live Japan Tour 2004 CD
2014 Tape Final Fall of The Gods + bonus tracks
2012 25th Anniversary Lp. Comp. Mandar es malo
2007 20th Anniversary cd comp Total Hate
2006 Split Cd with Anarchus/Cacofonia Live in Japan CD
2004 Split Cd with UNHOLY GRAVE(jp) CD
2004 DVD Anarchus Live Japan Tour 2004 DVD
2003 15th anniversary Cd comp. WALTZ OF HATE CD
2002 10th anniversary cd. comp. Increasing the Hate
2002 TOTAL HATE Demo 1988 CD, DEMO
2001 Split CD with C.S.S.O. (Japan) CD
2000 v/a cd. comp. Brutalcomp
2000 Still Live (...and Still Too Drunk)" CD
1999 Tape Live & Too Drunk
1997 10th anniversary cd./kct comp. Increasing the Hate
1996 Demo tape Never Ending War DEMO
1996 Split 7" ep. with AK47 from México, Pedigree
1996 7" ep. Quarreling
1994 Tape In Partibus Infidelium contains the split plus two inedit tracks
1993 Split lp. with MONASTERY from Holland
1991 Promo Tape
1991 v/a cd. comp Grinding Syndicate with 6 tracks
1990 Final Fall of the Gods EP
1988 Demo Total Hate DEMO
0 Age of consent CD
0 Split with Anarchus/Oxidised Razor CD


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