FINAL EXIT - January


FINAL EXIT budou doslova a do písmene splňovat atributy spojené se slovem extrémní. Jejich živá produkce na OEF 2014 bude pro mnohé z nás návratem do plodných noise grindových let devadesátých. A pro nemálo z nás bude tohle splněný sen. Japonská noise / grind drtička předvede, že noise / grind není mrtvý.

Připravte se na minutové hlukové exploze, které rozmetají vše v jejich dosahu. Navíc tohle duo šílenců v příštím roce oslaví 20 let od svého založení, ba co víc bude to vůbec poprvé v historii, když maníci z téhle kapely opustí a navštíví jinou zemi než Japonsko! FINAL EXIT!!!


FINAL EXIT was formed in 1994. Members were Ryohei-Drums,Takahisa-Guitar,Taro-Guitar/Vocal and Suguru-Bass/Vocal. We wanted to do middle styles of Short-Grind and Grind/Noise sounds like early ANAL CUNT, MEAT SHITS, DISCORDANCE AXIS, ASSUCK, MEAT SHITS, FEAR OF GOD,etc…. at that time. We released “Reh.’94”,”Demo#1”,”Demo#2”,”12 songs Promo Tape”,”15 songs Promo Tape” and “Demo#3” and we took part in compilations of several too.

End of 1994 ~early 1995 we changed sound style a little. It strew music variety between the noise. Tuzuranuki-Vocal joined in band and Became the five members of the band most. We released “demo #4” it was our first pro-recording material. But Shortly after recording is over Suguru and Tsuzuranuki left us,they wanted to play pure GRINDCORE style. And we decided to play bass less trio as Ryohei-Drums,Takahisa-Guitar and Taro-Guitar/Vocal. We had to research that it might be more noisy part of the noise. Taro found way to make low-bass noise on guitar,we are using ii even now. We released split tape w/SLC it was our first split release with other band. And released “DESTROY THE POLICE POWER” 3-way tape and split tape w/VIOLENT HEADACHE and we took part in compilations of several. We had the first gig in 1995 too.

In 1996 Taro left us by his personal circumstances. We had a problem with no vocal. but we talked to Hisao,our friend from before he agreed join us readiness. The line-up was Ryohei - Drums,Takahisa-Guitar and Hisao - Guitar/Vocal. Soon we recorded trax for split ep w/NY AGAINST BELZEBU,split tape w/EXCRETED ALIVE,split tape w/NAPALMED and release them. Split tape w/ANDAMIO released and we took part in compilations of several in 1996 too. we had some gigs too.

In 1997 we recorded and released split ep/GONKULATOR. Released split tape w/IPEKAKUANA too. Soon after that Takahisa left us by his personal circumstances. We decided to play only two mans band line up was Ryohei - Drums and Hisao - Guitar/Vocals. We recorded trax for our first full-CD/CT “The Best (S)Hit FE’s” and released it. But it was a state of fumbling not accustomed to only two people still nowadays. It was also in gigs.

We had a lot of rehersals and found our way to make more noisy only in two man. In 1998 We recorded and released split ep w/IRONIA(we had make-up like KISS at that time!),split ep w/P.T.A.O.,split tape w/ORAL CRIMAX,split tape w/丸米博士 and split tape w/C.S.S.O.. we took part in compilations of several too.

In 1999 we released split tape w/CAPTAIN THREE LEGS. In the gig, it was supposed to play face to face with two people on the stage this time. It's the result of thought or show how the movement in two. Released “BARBARIC THRATH DETONATION” comp.CD+EP too!

In 2000 we recorded trax for split ep w/STERBEHILFE and split ep w/EMBALMING THEATRE and released split ep w/STERBEHILFE and split ep w/NOYFB.

In 2001 we released split ep w/EMBALMING THEATRE.

In 2002 we released only “DEADLY ENCOUNTERS 2” comp.ep. The gig only about twice a year from this time…

We had no release deals for some years and Some people say that it has split-up…. But we were continue to rehearsals and make new songs for future releases and do some gigs…

In 2007 we got some released deals and recorded trax for 4-way CD w/BOLLOCK SWINE/ひみつキング/CROVAC and released. Appeared in “REAL JAPANESE UNDERGROUND 2007” comp.CD too.

In 2008 we got our 2nd full-length deal about 3”CD “Seasons are going and going…”. We recorded trax for it and released it.

In 2010 we recorded and released split ep w/DECHE-CHARGE.

We believe it is the pursuit of sound that want to do our own will not change even now, want to go to noisy in the future. And it's 20 year anniversary of the formation of our 2014!


Datum vydání Název nahrávky Média
2010 split with DECHE-CHARGE EP
2009 DIVELTO Comp. CD
2008 Seasons are going and going… 3”CD CD
2007 4-way split with BOLLOCK SWINE/ひみつキング/CROVAC CD
2006 D.R.F. - Compilation CD
2002 DEADLY ENCOUNTERS 2 - Compilation EP
2001 split with EMBALMING THEATRE EP
2000 split with STERBEHILFE EP
2000 split with N.O.Y.F.B. EP
1999 split with CAPTAIN THREE LEGS MC (TAPE)
1998 Music For Retards - Compilation CD
1998 split with IRONIA
1998 split with split with 丸米博士 MC (TAPE)
1998 split with C.S.S.O. MC (TAPE)
1997 The Best (S)Hit FE’s CD
1997 split with Bludge EP
1997 SNARL OUT 2 Compilation EP
1997 split with GONKULATOR EP
1997 The Best (S)Hit FE’s MC (TAPE)
1997 split with IPEKAKUANA MC (TAPE)
1997 split with ORAL CRIMAX
1996 split with NY AGAINST BELZEBU EP
1996 split with EXCRETED ALIVE MC (TAPE)
1996 split with NAPALMED MC (TAPE)
1996 split with ANDAMIO MC (TAPE)
1995 Demo#4
1995 split with SADISTIC LINGAM CULT
1995 split with VIOLENT HEADACHE MC (TAPE)
1994 Reh.’94 MC (TAPE)
1994 Demo#1 MC (TAPE)
1994 Demo#2 MC (TAPE)
1994 12 songs promo tape MC (TAPE)
1994 15 songs promo tape MC (TAPE)
1994 Demo #3 MC (TAPE)


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