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This might be the oldest band ever to play at the OEF. The Finnish hardcore punkers called RATTUS mark 1978 as the year of inception!!! And nowadays they are undoubtedly the best-known name of the Scandinavian hardcore punk scene. Indeed, their first big album "Rattus on Rautaa" came out in 1981. After years of success, however, RATTUS broke up and in 1988 they became silent to reunite in 2001. 

They have been working intensively since including concerts around the world and production of recordings. All of us certainly know we can expect a raw suomi hardcore punk charge whose members may very likely have got their second wind!!! Let's bid RATTUS welcome at OEF 2018!!!


The legendary Finnish punk veteran RATTUS still keeps going strong. Since it's formation in 1978 the band still sounds just as angry and aggressive if not even more fierce than ever before. The name RATTUS was taken from the first LP of THE STRANGLERS, "Rattus Norvegicus". RATTUS is latin meaning a rat, a very big rat. In the early days RATTUS did shows only in their hometown and near of it but since then have toured all around the world. Nowadays RATTUS is one of the best known Finnish hardcore bands. In 1988, they split up but returned in 2001. In 2011 Jake decided to leave the band and was replaced by Jopo. 2018 is the 40th anniversary of RATTUS and will be celebrated with a new album and an LP, where Finnish and international artists pay tribute to RATTUS by covering old classic songs.


Release date Release name Media
2016 Turta, C-cas, Sukma Records, Malesia + Rattus, Rat Cage -albumin CD-julkaisu, Criminal Attack Records, Brasilia CD
2015 Turta, CD, La Furia discos, Meksiko CD
2014 SuomiPunk ja uusi aalto 1978-1984, 2CD, Johanna Kustannus Oy, Suomi CD
2013 Turta, CD/LP, Svart Records + Rattus, Rat Cage -LP:n uudelleenjulkaisu, Radiation, Italia CD, LP
2012 WC räjähtää, 12" mini-LP, Svart Records + Uskonto on vaara, 12" , RE, Ltd + 7", Ltd., Svart Records + Rattus 20 song LP, Rat Cage, Radiation Records, Italia + Rattus on rautaa, 7" vinyl-ep, Höhnie Records, Saksa + Rajoitettu ydinsota, 7" vinyl-ep, Hohnie R EP, LP
2011 Rattus on Rautaa 12" EP, Höhnie Records, Saksa + Rajoitettu Ydinsota 7" EP, Höhnie Records, Saksa + Rattus/Holokaust -split, Rotten To the Core Records, Yhdysvallat EP
2010 Aqui Viene La Muerte-LP, La Furia discos, Meksiko + Rattus discografia, Renuencia records, Meksiko + Rattus/Doom -split CD, Nausea, Brasilia CD, LP
2009 Rattus Invades the USA, live on W.F.M.U., Psycho Wolf Records, Yhdysvallat + Punk ja Yäk -4 CD, Suomipunk 1977-1987, Stupido Records, Suomi CD
2008 Khomeini-rock/Muotipunk, Höhnie Records, Saksa + Fucking Disco EP, Höhnie Records, Saksa + Ao vivo no Galpaozinho do Gama, Dirty Job Distro, Brasilia EP
2007 Uudet piikit, CD, Poko Rekords + 30th Anniversary of Rattus, Black Konflik Records, Malesia CD
2005 Rattus, CD, Poko Rekords + The Poko Recordings 1981-1984, 2-LP kokoelma, Zurich Chainsaw Massacre Records, Saksa CD, LP
2004 Rattus - US East Coast Tour, Berzerk Records, Yhdysvallat + Pure Finnish rock: Poko Rekordsin historia 1977-2004 - lyhyt oppimäärä, 5CD, Poko Rekords, Suomi + Live at Drunken Unicorn, Atlanta, GA, Subversionary, Yhdysvallat CD, DVD
2003 Rattus, Rat Cage -LP:n uudelleenjulkaisu, Zurich Chainsaw Massacre Records, Saksa + Rattus, Rotthenness Records, Brasilia LP
2001 Isältä pojalle, tupla-CD, Megamania, Suomi + Rajoitettu ydinsota, Tribute to Rattus, Bombardeio, Brasilia CD
2000 Machine Rat Massacre, kokoelma, Kannibal Xerox, Saksa + Rajoitettu ydinsota, Tribute to Rattus, Fight, Suomi
1999 Welcome to 1984, CD, Sonic Reducer Records, Yhdysvallat CD
1996 Täältä tullaan kuolema, kokoelma, GTA, Yhdysvallat + Rattus, kokoelma, Barbarian Records, Yhdysvallat + Punk´s not dead - It just smells like it, CD, NVA, Saksa CD
1994 Suomi-rock ´81, CD, Poko Rekords, Suomi CD
1993 Reindeer Rock´93 - A Compiltion Of Finnish Rock, 2CD, Promoporo3, Suomi CD
1988 Win or Die, 7", Hilipili Records + Stolen life, New Face, Brasilia
1987 Live on Tour 1987 (Cass), Kahlenukke Records + Stolen life, Neg Fx., Ranska + End of era, 2 LP, Rot, Iso-Britannia + War 7" Ep, Over the top, Yhdysvallat EP, LP
1986 Rajoitettu ydinsota -EP, Neg Fx., Ranska +Let´s get pissed - It´s christmas vol. 2, LP, Cult, Iso-Britannia + We can do whatever we want, LP, BC tapes & records, Yhdysvallat + Punk lives-let´s slam!, LP, Slam, Iso-Britannia + Religious as hell, LP, Hell, I EP, LP
1985 Ihmiset on sairaita, 7" EP, Ann&Archie + WC Blows Up, Mutha, Yhdysvallat + Uskonto on vaara, New Face, Brasilia +Have a rotten christmas vol.2, LP, Rot, Iso-Britannia + We don´t need nuclear force, Lp + Ep, Mulleimer, Saksa EP, LP
1984 Rattus, 20 song LP, Rat Cage, Yhdysvallat ja Iso-Britannia + Uskonto on vaara, 12" mini-LP, Poko Rekords + Kun pommi on pudotettu (Cassette), Western Front Tapes, Ranska + Rattus - Finnish Hardcore, Bad Compilation Tapes, Yhdysvallat + Live in Denmark (Cas CD, EP, LP
1983 Levytykset 1981-1984, kokoelma-CD, Poko Rekords + Hardcore '83 LP, Propaganda records, Suomi + Rajoitettu ydinsota -EP, Punk Rock Discos, Brasilia CD, EP, LP
1982 Rajoitettu ydinsota, 7" EP, Poko Rekords + WC räjähtää, 12" mini-LP, Poko Rekords + Loud And Fast (cass. compilation), DK Decay Records, Tanska EP, LP
1981 Fucking Disco, 7" EP, Hilipili Records + Rattus on rautaa, 12" EP, Poko Rekords + Kokoelmilla[muokkaa | muokkaa wikitekstiä] Punk ei ole kuollut (cass. compilation), P-tuotanto, Suomi EP
1980 Khomeini-rock, 7", Hilipili Records


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