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This Brazilian hardcore/punk legend will be celebrating its 25th anniversary this year. What can be better than celebrating with us live at this year's Obscene Extreme Festival 2018?! AGROTÓXICO is one of the most active Brazilian bands as for both the live gigs and recordings. As already mentioned the band was formed in 1993 and their main inspiration in the early days were the bands of the first punk generation whether directly from Brazil or the first wave of Scandinavian hardcore.

We assume that a lot of you may have met this squad playing live somewhere in Europe. We hope they will arrive to Europe in the best form and will bring their upcoming eighth studio album with them. Ladies and gentlemen - AGROTÓXICO from Brazil!!!


Agrotóxico is a Brazilian Hardcore band formed in the suburbs of São Paulo in 1993, influenced by the first generation of Brazilian, English, Finnish and Swedish punk.

Since then, the band has never had periods of inactivity, having toured Brazil and Europe several times, playing in the whole underground scene and in major DIY festivals such as Force Attack (Germany), Vive Le Punk (France), among others, being nowadays one of the most popular Brazilian bands worldwide and specially on the European continent where all of their albuns were released in countries like Germany, UK, France and distributed all over Europe by Dirty Faces (DE), Break the Silence (DE) and Pumpkin Recs (UK).

In this period Agrotóxico released 7 albums, a documentary DVD and participated in several VA records around the world.
The Agrotóxico’s lyrics talk about different social subjects, from the violence of the big cities, wars, ecology, politics, etc., always within the scene of the libertarian left wing.

The band is currently preparing for their 25 anniversary tour in Brazil and Europe and has already booked their first shows on the old continent scheduled for July / August this year.

In addition, it is in the process of composing songs for his new album still unnamed.

The current line-up of Agrotóxico is: Marcos (Guit / Vocal), Jef (Bass / Vocal), Arthur (Guit / Vocal) and Pedro (Drums). 

On the European tour 2018  and sometimes also in Brazil, Leandro from Ódio Social replaces Arthur on guitar. 


Release date Release name Media
2013 XX CD, LP
2009 Pelos Escombros CD, DVD
2009 Quebre o Silêncio - split with Rawside (DE) EP
2007 Libertação CD, LP
2004 Third World Jihad - Split with Flicts CD, LP
2003 Marcas da Revolta - Split with Rasta Knast (DE) Alemanha CD, LP
2001 Estado de Guerra Civil CD, LP
1998 Caos


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