FORÇA MACABRA - Nos Tumulos Abertos


This band will surely wipe the whole Battlefield out!!! FORÇA MACABRA is a long-running Finnish grinder that crushes in thrash core style with infernal speed and quite some dose of punk ferocity. Although all the members are Finnish, FORÇA MACABRA's lyrics are in Portuguese in the vein of Bazilian acts such as Armagedom, Lobotomia or Olho Seco. 

Since 1991 when these maniacs started FORÇA MACABRA they have produced many records and last year they released a compilation of their songs titled „25 Anos na Estrada Mas por Favor Não Feche o Túmulo Ainda“ for their 25th anniversary. Furious speed and hellish commitment is the name of the game and we are happy to introduce them to you on the boards of OEF 2018!!! FORÇA FUCKING MACABRA!!!


Força Macabra was formed in 1991 by two Finnish Brasil-punk freaks Oscar  ”Deadbrain” Antitese (drums) and Oswaldo ”Taurus” Exterminio (vocal/guitar). The idea was simply to play intense hard core with portuguese lyrics and to pay respect to the 80´s Brasilian punk scene that had produced such tremendous amount of dirty and aggressive punk/hc- bands. The fact that we were not related  to Brasil in any way or didn´t really know any portuguese was not seen as an obstacle. Roberto Necrofago became the bass player, and after just one rehearsal the band headed to infamous Estudio Tracks to record the first demo tape. One of the songs ”Destruiçao, morte e dor”  became our vinyl debut as it was released on a compilation 7” EP ”Headquarters” by  the Finnish Slode Records.

In 1992 Força Macabra recorded another demo tape called ”Para agonia e morte”, from which 3 songs were released on a compilation CD ”I kill what I eat”. The long lasting line-up with Oswaldo Exterminio on vocals, Pedro Anthares on Guitar, Jaba MX Chakal on bass and Oscar Antitese on  the drums was established and the band started to conquer stages at punk parties in Finland.

1993 saw the succesful recording session at Akaa ”piss burnt” MR-studios. The results were released later on as 3 different split EPs and on some compilations. Among the original songs a handful of covers of Armagedom, Lobotomia and Ratos de Porao were recorded and also included in the the live set. The gigging continued, and was often chaotic due to the uncontrolled drinking.

In 1994 the first shows outside of Finland were played as the band toured Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia, and visited Vort´n´Vis at Ieperfest, Belgium. A mini-Lp  ”Nos tumulos abertos” was recorded and released by Genet Records the following year. Also another tour in Poland was made with Sanctus Iuda. By 1997 some thrash metal influences started to creep in  in both music and stage appearence. The band entered  Estudio Harju Necroterio to record a nameless (or self titled) ”Black” EP which was released by various labels in Finland, Czech, USA and Japan.  The lenghty European tour followed and the band visited for the first time in Crotia, Slovenia, Germany, France, and UK among many other countries.  Another studio session was completed in FL-studio in order to release a split-LP with band that was our biggest influence, the one and only ARMAGEDOM. We had got to know with Javier from Armagedom through the miraculous thing called the internet, and started to build friendship which would lead to many further collaborations with our master.

In 1999 Javier visited Finland and with him the EP  ”Os meus olhos so veem dor” was recorded. Later same year Força Macabra became a five piece thrash core unit as we convinced the German guitar wizard living in Finland, namely  Heiko ”Abutre” E.Hate to join the band.  More and more thrash metal influences were adopted and cover songs from bands like Necromancer (Fin) and Overdose were included in the set. The Brasilian Rasura records released a split miniCD with Brasilian legends Ulster. By some critics Forças sound was taken as a poor second rate Slayer-clone, which was absolutely fine for us. In 2000 a full length album Caveira da Força was recorded for Mind Control records, and a tour in Japan followed. However, Jaba MX Chakal couldn´t come to Japan, so bass on the tour was played by Xavier Aamonhammer. Chakal decided to leave the band and to concentrate to other things in life. The decision was made to continue as a four piece band again and Pedro Anthares moved from guitar to bass.

In 2002 some serious gigging in Finland and UK was made before the much anticipated tour in Brasil, that was organised by Usina da sangue.  Caveira da Força and a compilation CD Histeria were also released in Brasil. The activities continued with the release of two EP´s including Brasilian Punk and Metal classics, shows in Portugal and a large U.S. tour in 2004 which also included 3 shows in Mexico. Another tour in Brasil was made in 2005. The LP Aqui e o inferno was recorded in 2006 and released in 2008 by Black Water. One more tour in the USA consisted of 7 gigs in the  East-Coast.

For the last 10 years Força Macabra´s pace with recording and gigging has slowed down a bit from the busiest years.  The album ”25 anos na estrada” included both new songs and re-worked versions of the old favourites was released by Svart records in 2016, and is referred as the definiteve Força Macabra album.

The Brasil-influenced thrash core power is still being unleashed more or less frequently on both Finnish and international stages. The audience at Obscene Extreme festival can expect to see the band as fiery and furious as ever as Força Macabras devilish intensity is now combined to grown confidence (and bellies) and to perhaps childish antics of stage appearance.

Força Macabra is:

Oswaldo ”Taurus” Exterminio – vocal
Heiko ”Abutre” E.Hate – guitarra
Pedro ”Porco” Anthares – baixo
Oscar ”Deadbrain” Antitese – bateria


Release date Release name Media
2016 25 anos -por favor nao feche o tumulo ainda
2008 O inferno e aqui
2005 Ao vivo no Japao EP
2003 A raiz do todo o mal ediçao punk EP
2003 A raiz do todo o mal ediçao metal EP
2002 Caveira da Força
2002 Histeria CD
2000 Os meus olhos so veem dor EP
2000 Força Macabra/Ulster
1999 Força Macabra/Armagedom – split
1997 S/T ”Black” EP (aka The traces that the machines leaves..) EP
1995 Nos tumulos abertos
1995 Força Macabra/Crocodile Skink EP
1994 Força Macabra/Homomilitia EP
1993 Força Macabra/Corpus Christi EP


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