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Here we have another grinding act. Very young representatives of frenzied American grindcore called ORGAN DEALER. Born in 2013 and inspired by the hostile suburbs of New Jersey they could not choose any other music style than absolutely insane grind core. Since the band's start they have toured America, Canada several times and also Europe once. 

They released only a single full-length so far titled „Visceral Infestion“ in 2014 which does sound great however. Their latest effort, a split EP with Swedish Birdflesh, shows a very big potential of this quintet. And we give them the chance to grind you to dust at OEF 2018!!! ORGAN FUCKING DEALER!!!


Organ Dealer is a 5 piece Grindcore outfit formed in the wastelands of New Jersey in June of 2013. 

Since their inception the band has done a few U.S. tours, played numerous fests such as Montreal Earslaughter, Full Terror Assault, Maryland Deathfest, and recently completed a European Tour with France's own Department of Correction. 

The band continues to craft their sound through various releases over the years working with the likes of Kurt Ballou and most recently a self recorded split, mastered by William Blackmon (of Gadget), with Sweden's masters of grind, BIRDFLESH!

Organ Dealer look forward to bringing their breed of Grindcore to the 20th anniversary of OBSCENE EXTREME FESTIVAL in 2018 and sharing the stage with so many incredible and influential bands!


Release date Release name Media
2017 Birdflesh/Organ Dealer (Split)
2016 Insomnia Chamber (Single)
2015 Visceral Infection (Full length)
2014 Demo 2014 DEMO


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