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This year's second representatives of Canada already, the furious metal punkers GOLERS !!! The band that came into being in 1998 after the split-up of Subversion plays a rough mosh based on a fast metal guitar combined with punk and thrash ferocity. It is not for nothing that the guys supported bands such as Toxic Holocaust, Strapping Young Lad, Kreator, Suicidal Tendencies or Poison Idea in their country. 

They have recorded 4 full-length albums and for 2018 they are preparing a new EP and a re-release of their classic album "Backwoods Messages". Playing live GOLERS are harder than an NHL player's shot and we are looking forward to enjoying them at the Bojiště/Battlefield !!! It will be a true GOLER INFERNO!!!


Formed in 1998 after the dis-banding of Subversion (of which ALL four members were also part of...)

Chainsaw Charlie Goler (Walter Mason) - Vocals, Guitar
Cranswick Goler (Jason Mosdell) - Drums
Jonny Goler (Stuart Carruthers) - Bass, Vocals
Henry "The 1st" Goler (Derek Rockall) - Guitar, Vocals

Over the years GOLERS have gained momentum with the release of 4 albums and completion of many tours. 1999's "South Mountain Style" ushered in the classic GOLER sound combining most, if not all extreme metal styles together with punk and thrash into one cohesive sound.

Next up was 2004's "Second Generation" which showcased a slightly more polished sound, and with these two albums they gained a following in their hometown of Vancouver, British Columbia and surrounding cities. 2009 saw the release of "Backwoods Messages", which only helped solidify their hardening fanbase.

"In 'n' Outlaws", released in 2013 is the GOLERS' most recently recorded material. At that time Henry had this to say about "In 'n' Outlaws": "it is a fine example of what we consider to be the GOLER sound. It's FAST, EVIL PUNK-METAL!"

GOLERS have played in well over 100 cities while touring North America and Europe. Sharing the stage and/or touring with the likes of TOXIC HOLOCAUST, DAYGLO ABORTIONS STRAPPING YOUNG LAD, DESTRUCTION, KREATOR, SUICIDAL TENDENCIES, POISON IDEA, THE ACCUSED, NAPALM DEATH, DEATH ANGEL and many more.

Upcoming 2018 highlights include an EP containing 4 new songs, and 4 or more songs slated for inclusion on splits with other bands. Their third album "Backwoods Messages" has been remixed and remastered and will be released on vinyl, and a European tour for the summer of 2018 is also in the process of being planned and executed.


Release date Release name Media
2018 Backwoods Messages (Unrest Records) LP
2018 In 'n' Outlaws (Unrest Records) LP
2013 In 'n' Outlaws (Self Released) CD
2008 Backwoods Messages (Unrest Records) CD
2004 Second Generation (Bad Idea, Unrest Records) CD, LP
1999 South Mountain Style (Bad Idea, Unrest Records) CD, LP


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