DEEP DIRTY - The Swarm


Introducing Stephan Schäfer to those moving around the death/gore/grind arenas for quite some time is probably rather futile!!! Should some of you still not know, he is the head of 666 Records, the owner of 666 Strings company (making guitars for Haemorrhage, Rompeprop, Guineapig and other reputable names) and last but not least a guitar player and singer of the band Rapemachine.

In 2017 he started his solo project DEEP DIRTY due to creative overpressure which he released his first full-length album "BRUTAL SILENCE" with. Do not expect any silence though!!! As is Stefan's habit we can await a dense gore grind charge with bubbling vocals and automatic drummer !!! So, we can welcome DEEP DIRTY as the last confirmed band for the OEF 2018 in the line-up!!!


The idea behind DEEP DIRTY as a project came up in 2017 after eight years as the front man of RxMx. It was time for a full album after the split releases ĄWorld Goregrind Federation I & IIď, and soon a secret release, cooperating with bands from all over the world, will be unleashed.

After some crushing and hilarious shows in Japan it is time to grind in Europe again with a special
live show featuring songs from RxMx, Adamantium, Deep Dirty and the world wide cooperations.

Prepare yourself for something new!


Release date Release name Media
2018 Brutal Silence


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