THANATOLOGY - La Antesala Al Infierno


Another representative of the Latin American fury is named THANATOLOGY!!! It is obvious just by their name that we can expect a rough bad-ass music with lyrics revelling in the dark side of medicine. Founded as early as in 1998 the guys recorded two demos that have never seen the light of day however. In 2006 the band became just a studio project, but still they produced some great recordings. 

Everything changes in 2014 when the band begins to play live and their line-up swarming with doctors and other medical staff stabilises. Grind core in top quality is what these doctors will deliver to us!!! Expect a live broadcast from the operating theatre with the crushers of THANATOLOGY!!!


Thanatology is a Grindcore act that focuses on the medicine field, originally from Tijuana, Mexico; the band is conformed entirely by real doctors and people that work in the medical field. The band came into fruitition in 1998 making two demos that were never released. In 2006 the act became a studio band until fall of 2014; having released a demo (Grind Metálico Forense), two ep's (La Clínica de lo Grotesco and Los Barberos Cirujanos) and a split (SE.ME.FO.) under the Negligent Records banner. The now four piece which has been described as a "punishing array of blast beats and vocal shrieks" (SDMetal.com) and "top-notch deathgrind" (Metal Maniacs), became a live band during winter of 2014. The line up, which includes Dr. Bautista (vocals), Dr. Mozqueda (Guitars), Dr. Morales (bass) and Dr. Murillo (drums) have insected and dissected both sides of the border, including California, Arizona, Nevada, New Jersey, New York and Baja California, Mexico City and Guadalajara from Mexico among others.


Release date Release name Media
2010 Los Barberos Cirujanos
2007 La Clínica de lo Grotesco
2006 Grind Metalico Forense DEMO


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