BRAINWASH - Human Bugs


This is no Italian spagetti western but true and brutal grind/noise core delivered by the veterans of the style, BRAINWASH!!! Founded mainly as a live band as early as in 1992 they however have very few recordings but it is a great and active band live. BRAINWASH on stage means shredding notes and a chaos in the true sense of the word!!! They have played many gigs, supported big names, participated in famous tours such as Grind Over Europe & given concerts all over Europe!!!

The squad around the main brain, the drummer Marc, do really know to grind which you will experience with your own ears and eyes as part of the Wednesday's programme BACK TO 1999 OEF PARTY where BRAINWASH as an old participant of the first OEF of course belongs to!!! Old school grind/noise core... this is BRAINWASH!!!


BRAINWASH was born mainly as a live band, and made its debut on stage in 1992. From then on, they started an intense live activity throughout Italy open for bans like Malevolent Creation,Vader, Vital Remains, Sinister, Deranged etc.

In 1997 began to go and play abroad: they took part to events like Grind Over Europe, Petrogrind Fest, Gods of Metal, Rotting in the Sun Fest, Fekal Party, Obscene Extreme Fest I° and many more; & play tours through out Europe with tons of extreme bands of the current scene from all over the world; we also played at overseas events (like the Maryland Death Fest in 2004).

In 2007, for the 15th anniversary of live activity they tour in U.K., Finland, Russia & Czech Republic. Then The band hit the road to Poland for the first time with Antigama and Damnable and later to Crimea to participate in the Metal Heads' Mission Fest with Cryptopsy.

In 2009 Brainwash went back in Ukraine to play at the Zverovision Fest in Kiev, which will be followed by a tour in Russia. Thanx to the very good response They play again in St. Petersburg at Petrogrind VII, in Moscow at Coyote brutal Fest V. and at the UzhGoreRot Fest in Uzhgorod.

The band keep going collect show & fests and celebrating anniversary show Like the Grind over Europe with Hemdale after 18 years from 1997 thath tour, and now after 2 decades they are ready to hit again the Obscene Extreme  in Czech Republic were everithing is started.


Release date Release name Media
2008 Brainwash / Cannibe - Split ‎(Tape) Sonic Arse Tapes
2007 Brainwash / Lymphatic Phlegm - MK 77 Democracy / Opus(yckness) (7") Vomi D'Porc Records
2005 Brainwash / Permanent Death - Brainwash / Permanent Death ‎(CD) Blè Prod. CD
2003 Brainwash A Day At The Border ‎(CD, EP, Ltd) MA.STE.R. Rec. CD, LP


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