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We'll win this war! …the good soldier Svejk would say. But we mean the war in the moshpit where all of you will enjoy the war pandemonium under the command of the Czech band ANTIGOD!!! This thrash/death metal bunch of troublemakers was formed in 2011 but the members are not any newcomers but rather the veterans of the Czech extreme scene who were active in the bands like Disfigured Corpse, Euthanasia or Isacaarum.

Though not long in the scene, ANTIGOD already have two full-length albums with especially the latest one called „Wareligion“ being a great piece. Having a new reinforcement behind the micro, vocalist Chymus, well-known from the legendary cunt commando Isacaarum, ANTIGOD are very active live and have really kick-started!!! They will show us all of this at the OEF 2018!!! A bullet straight into your head!!! ANTIGOD!!!


An idea of forming ANTIGOD as a band has three fathers – Hadgi, Ferenc (both DISFIGURED CORPSE) and Bzzuk (ex-HYPNOTIC SCENERY) – they considered about already in 2010 at BRUTAL ASSAULT festival. But it was just an idea for that year. Bzzuk remained in U.K. and Hadgi and Ferenc were busy because of DISFIGURED CORPSE. In 2011 they met again at the same festival and agreed to form the band. DISFIGURED CORPSE was split up and Bzzuk planned to get back to Czech Republic, but he still worked abroad. Band name was clear. Then Bzzuk and Ferenc met Pedy (EUTHANASIA, NAIVE ART) and they invited him to participate in new project. This decision showed later, how important it was. Band started to rehearse and to work on new tracks. But without Bzzuk. Pedy's riffs were sent to all members and then in November 2011 were all ready to rehearse.

Year of 2012 was very creative for ANTIGOD. There was the first live show in May, so that meant to find another guitarist to substitute Bzzuk and frontman. Pedy's long-time colleague and band-mate Yabback (EUTHANASIA, NAIVE ART) offered a hand to help. He took the place of guitarist in April 2012. But vocalist situation was very uneasy. Band tried to ask many of them, but they refused because of their own bands. The first positive reply came in March. Young vocalist Sikes (ex-NECRONOM) was fond to rehearse, but before final agreement he got a new job out of region, so he could not to cooperate with band any more. Band considered to help itself with their own voices. Pedy and Hagdi decided, after some attempts, that would not work anyway. But Shtepa (LUMBERJACK, ILL CROW) was asked too and in April he agreed to join ANTIGOD finally.

The first live show they performed at 3rd volume of GRABOFEST in Karviná and they looked forward for more gigs. ANTIGOD were invited to METAL GATE CZECH DEATH FEST to perform along-side with Czech and foreign top bands such as SUFFOCATION, DARK TRANQUILITY, GODLESS TRUTH or TORTHARRY. Here ANTIGOD got an offer to release debut mini-album as a gift included in one issue of PAŘÁT magazine. None would deny that. Date for recording was set to June. There was no chance to record full-lenght album so they decided to release split-CD with HAVE THE MUNCHIES. Recording was done at ŠOPA studio in accordance with Hadgi's and Ferenc's experiences from the past. About 20 minutes of the best were recorded and their music was kindly accepted by fans and reviewers. After release date they supported Swedish DEMONICAL and played some gigs in Czech Republic and abroad. The top of the season was a mini-tour with TORTHARRY, DEATHSTAR and POPPY SEED GRINDER and very last show of year 2012 – X-MASS festival.

The beginning of year of 2013 was dedicated to get ready for full-length album. 13 tracks of upcoming CD were recorded at ŠOPA studio again, under supervision of Staňa Valášek, in May. Release date of „The Masquerade“ CD was set to 7th August, in same way as split CD – included to PAŘÁT magazine, issue No. 53. This issue of was published during BRUTAL ASSAULT festival with moreover 15,000 fans and was completely sold out. ANTIGOD became more known by this and reviews and critics were widely positive. To support the album ANTIGOD was on the mini-tour with TORTHARRY and DEATHSTAR again, including MINORITY SOUND – it turned to regular annual shows entitled NOVEMBER MASSACRE TOUR. As the top of 2013 must be mentioned show at MUSIC HALL ZDĚŘINA, where TORTHARRY introduced their new album and Derrick Green of SEPULTURA was its godfather. It was really great party.
ANTIGOD played some gigs of course, too, for example R.E.T. fest in Třinec, in Slovakia and 4th volume of GRABOFEST (ANTIGOD co-organises that festival), supporting their friends of HYPNOS and RAGING DEATH from Poland.

Nevertheless, after the first successes, something went wrong. It started at the beginning of 2014, when ANTIGOD played together with TÖRR and VIRTUAL VOID. Havel (HIBAKUSHA) substituted Shtepa due his business. However, Havel's vocals are grindy a bit, so ANTIGOD considered about some influences and fusions. One day Shtepa announced that he moved out to Prague. His participation in ANTIGOD was not closed yet and band wanted him to cooperate at 100%. New tracks were written, band scored in BŘITVA chart and during spring-summer-autumn they played at gigs and festivals (APOCALYPTIC FORM OF DEATH festival etc.), not even in Czech Republic only. ANTIGOD was invited to METAL GATE CZECH DEATH FEST together with TORTHARRY, CONTRASTIC, MALIGNANT TUMOUR and LOCK UP and SEPTIC FLESH too. In summer of 2014 Shtepa informed his band-mates about his decision to quit the band due his plans of education. Frodys (POSTCARD FROM ARKHAM, AWRIZIS) alternated him on more than 10 shows till spring 2015.

The end of 2014 and the beginning of 2015 was pretty busy – new rehearsal room was urgently needed. All of band-mates had to work hard on it. New rehearsal room was completely reconstructed and rebuilt and named ALCATRAZ. In this time it was really hard, new material for forthcoming „Wareligion“ CD had to be done and band annouced a casting for new vocalist. Eight vocalists were subscribed, but only three were tested. Frodys was ready to help again.

But spring 2015 brought the big changes. The first one: absolutely unexpected reinforcement – Chymus (ex-ISACAARUM) as vocalist of ANTIGOD. He is legendary here on Czech scene and he showed the interest to join the band. Band agreed and this moment was an impulse of power to work on new tracks. ANTIGOD contracted to METAL GATE, all dates, studio etc. confirmed. Very difficult fight with time started, but all went fine. „Wareligion“ was recorded at ŠOPA studio, as usually, and officially released on 31st November 2015 by METAL GATE. Year 2015 was closed with two shows together with TORTHARRY and SQUASH BOWELS. 19th December 2015 brand new CD „Wareligion“ was correctly baptised with very special bonus beer ANTIGOD – exclusively made for band by mini-brewery VELICKÝ BOMBARĎÁK.


Chymus – vocals
Pedy – guitar, vocals
Yaback - guitar
Hadgi - bass, vocals
Ferenc - drums


Release date Release name Media
2015 full CD “ Wareligion” ( MetalGate Records) CD
2013 full CD “ The Masquerade” (Pařát magazín) CD
2012 Split CD Antigod / Have The Munchies (Pařát magazín) CD


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