The Australian power violence commando the domestic grind underground knows well enough. The trace in the form of their debut 7-inch record at the local Psychocontrol Records is indelible as for both the band and our country forever. Since (2014) the band has gone through a natural progression resulting in the top grind/power violence production and reaching the imaginary top of this specific scene.

Mosh tracks alternate with slowing sludge and stop'n'go passages. In short, POWERXCHUCK will not let you pause for a moment. Turbulent harsh grind for the gourmets. Live - Trutnov, 2018, Obscene Extreme Festival!!!


Powerxchuck is powerviolence band from Australia. 2013 saw the release of the Powerxchuck demo  followed by the Powerxchuck Self titled 7" on Psychocontrol Records 2014, split with Cancer Patient (LA), Powerxchuck/ANF split (Italy) 2015, Powerxchuck/XAbruptX (Chicago) 2016.

In May 2017 Powerxchuck embarked on a 5 week tour of USA/CAN with Meth Leppard including festival apppearences at Maryland Death Fest, Earslaughter Fest (CAN) & Summergrindfest, sharing  the stage with Insect Warefare, Siege, PLF, Fiend, Haggus and many more.


Release date Release name Media
2017 Crossed Out Tribute Compilation, Knochentapes
2016 Powerxchuck/XAbruptX Split, Wooaaargh, Dead Heroes Records, Death By Digital, Zas Autoproduzioni, Mono Canibal, Kitchen Vomit, Hackebeil, Friendly Otter
2015 Powerxchuck/ANF Split, Woooaaargh Records, Here and now records, Capitão Lixo Coisas, Straineyes records, Mono Caníbal, BMX Outlaw records, Ecosentric records, Made In The Meth Lab
2015 Spazzin To The Oldies Compilation, Mind Ripper Collective
2014 Powerxchuck/Cancer Pantient Split, Bloody Sythe Records
2014 Powerxchuck S​elf Titled, Psychocontrol Records
2013 Powerxchuck Demo, Self release DEMO


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