BIO CRISIS - Inhala Exhala


All the fans of Scandinavian crust will be delighted. Though this band comes from Mexico it produces a high octane crust core soaked with the Scandinavian school.

So be on the alert – those of you liking the bands such as Wolfbrigade, Skitsystem, Martyrdöd - we have a hot tip for you - BIO CRISIS. They have done loads of concerts in Mexico and the USA and next year they are going to visit Europe for the first time with the Obscene Extreme Festival 2018 being one of the stops!!!


Born in Tijuana B.C. Mexico in 2005, Bio Crisis is a band that crushes the senses with their provocative D-Beat/Crust sound, and lyrics that make you not forget and not forgive...... they have participated in a series of national and international punk/crust compilations and have released a 7" EP with the Swedish band Slaktattack in 2009, in 2012 their first full-length album called "En Memoria al Dolor" was released in various formats by independent labels from Mexico, USA and Denmark, and now their second full-length album ¨Sangrando el Olvido¨ is about to be released starting 2018.

The group has suffered several line-up changes since they started only to achieve what it is today: a band that drags you to their own dark atmosphere and then throws you to a manifest desire for honesty. In their own words: "express in music how we feel"... Since they started, the band has followed and maintained strong DIY and “Do it with your friends” ethics by doing most of their merchandize themselves, recording and releasing their own material and always trying to work collectively either by themselves and with the help of their friends, they try to be as much active as they can in the local scene supporting touring bands in their town and organizing them DIY shows.

The band has done a few tours in Mexico and USA and have played on a series of heavy music festival shows including the all-mighty OEF America. This time will be their first time ever visiting Europe and they are ready to show that spirit in the right fucking place: OEF!


Release date Release name Media
0 Nuestros Ojos ¨single digital EP
0 Sangrando el Olvido LP
0 En Memoria Al Dolor LP
0 Split EP with Slaktattack
0 La muerte de la historia DEMO


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