GORE AND CARNAGE - Poseido Por Mezcal


Heeeej amigos ... sombrera na hlavu, cerveza do rukou a hurá do kotle 
 zatancovat na lahodné latinsko americké melodie :) Na české OEF 
 přicházejí mexický GORE AND CARNAGE! Partička, která vznikla v 
roce 2005
 má na svém kontě už dvě plnohodnotné nahrávky. Jejich poslední 
cd s názvem
 Carnage Drinking Party perfektně vystihuje o čem v podstatě 
hudba této 
bandy je.

Super ukvičený taneční gore-grind, to je to, co všichni
 návštěvníci OEF 
vždy s radostí uvítají. GORE AND CARNAGE patří v
 mexickém undergroundu 
mezi nejaktivnější kapelky. No a 
i proto věřím, že se při jejich setu určitě nudit nebudete.


Gore and Carnage are a gore-grind band from Mexico formed by Fernando Aragon (drums), Socrates Aragon (guitars/backing vocals) and Gary Gomez (bass/vocals) in 2004. During their years of existence, they have toured in Mexico and overseas, going from the Mexican Gore Mafia tours in 2005, ’06 and ’07, starting their first nation-wide tour in 2008 and continuing in 2009, in which they visited over 30 cities in Mexico.

On 2009 and after a few EP’s, they recorded their first LP, ‘Ruidos para descuartizar, mutilar, decapitar y convivir en familia’, which included songs such as ‘Chabelita, la niña pornogore’, ‘La venganza de la Mataviejitas’ and ‘Escritos de un Viejo indecente que observa niñas desde su Viejo apartamento abandonado (malvado)’. In 2010, the band made their first European tour, visiting Slovakia, Poland and France, among other places.

Right after that tour, in 2011 they decided to go back to Europe, this time for a longer time, playing in different countries, including Spain, France, Belgium, Slovakia, Poland, Czech Republic, Deutschland and Ukraine. That same year, they released their first music video for the song ‘Escritos de un Viejo indecente que observa niñas desde su Viejo apartamento abandonado (malvado)’.

In 2012, they continued touring non-stop, this time sharing stages with huge metal acts such as AHUMADO GRANUJO and the Mexican/American legends BRUJERIA. Right after that, they shipped on a South-American tour, which include shows in Chile, Argentina and Bolivia, as an opening band of death-metal masters DEAD INFECTION, whom recruited Gary Gomez as an official band member. That same year the band released their sophomore CD, ‘Carnage drinkin’ party’, under the Vile Music Records, an upcoming Mexican production company. The first single, ‘Poseido por Mezcal’, had a new music video, released on January 21st, 2013.

The band future is still bright: when they’re not touring all over the country, sharing stage with major scene bands or being invited to play in different shows, they find the time to still promoting their music, releasing the second video of ‘Carnage drinkin’ party’, for the track ‘Zombie etilic club’. If you have never listened about Gore and Carnage so far, just wait until they blow your mind. And they will.


Datum vydání Název nahrávky Média
2012 Carnage Drinking Party
2010 Tribute to last days of humanity
2009 Ruidos para descuartizar, mutilar, decapitar y convivir en familia
2008 Carnage exhibition


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