Nová vlna fastcore zasáhla i Maďarsko a ANOTHER WAY jedou na plný plyn!!! Tahle muzika nám všem sedí a ANOTHER WAY nám představí svůj zbrusu nový materiál, který je ještě komplexnější, rychlejší a s řádnou dávkou temnoty v textech!!! Těšíme se na rozhodně zabijáckou show!!!


Another way was formed in 2002 under the name "Másik oldal", but their changed their name soon. By 2003 the first album came out, "Az ég nem ott kezdődik, ahol a felhőket látod," and then many other picked up their heads for the band, but the breakthrough success of their material was two years later. In 2004, a split released with Icegno (Ita) and with Iszonyat (Hun). In 2005 they released of "Békés idők", and the band got into focus of attention. The very intense,fastcore music from Viharsarok carried along many of elements which have not been cultivated. The effects are undeniably among the grindcore / hardcore / thrash roots, but a combination of these submit that you just watch after these issues set. Their music contains lot of melody, melody's hiding in their music, which takes the band even more extreme status.. LYrics of These guys from Békés, perfectly reflects the feeling of their hometown from where it is difficult to break out, and destinies are hopeless (east of the country). In 2006, the "Szertefoszló álmok között tisztán lásd a sivár jövőt" was the improvement of the previous disc. More melody, more murky vocal... There was a lot of knowledge in concerts behind the band, as the first European tour with Pavilionul 32 (Ro). Máté joined the band on summer of 2007, and continued from that point on four. More concerts followed, then the summer of 2008 there was another tour in Europe with Sakatat (Tur) and Onanizer (Cz). 2009 the 5th record was published, it's called "Holtágak az ártérben".There were darker songs what took part on this stuff, but even more people got to this music, The band enjoyed greater popularity. After dozens of a concert in april of 2010 the 3rd EU tour followed With Jack(Hun). The new record is expected in early 2011, which wanna emulate the previus one! The band's unique in that the lyrics are very personal, depression, spiritual, but also an affirmation of life highlights. The band also took part on few compilations!


Datum vydání Název nahrávky Média
2010 Narcollapse Vol.02 Compilation CD
2009 Fuck the slow shit Compilation CD
2009 Holtágak az ártérben


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