Nekompromisní old school smečka z hlavního města, přiveze na OEF smršť toho nejpoctivějšího deathmetalu, co se hrál na přelomu 90. let ve Stockholmu. Čeká vás hnilobou nasáklá porce Švédska na kterou dlouho nezapomenete. To s čím DISMEMBER začali na kultovní desce “Like an Ever Folowing Stream,” v tom se BRUTALLY DECEASED rozhodli pokračovat na “Dead Lovers‘ Guide.”

Připravte si starý džísky, nábojový pásy a v rukou pozvedněte půllitry s pivem (rumem)…..Útok začíná!


The band's inception dates back to 2007 when Tomáš decided to bring to life his ever-lasting passion for Swedish sounding Death Metal and formed Brutally Deceased. In order to do so, however, his transition from bass guitar to guitar was first, mandatory step needed in fulfilling his goal.

In early stages, the band went through usual martyrdom of line-up changes until the right individualities, who shared the common, unrelenting “Death Metal made in Sweden” vision, were found and the music could have been rehearsed, executed and perfected properly at last. In April 2010, the material for first full-length album, entitled Dead Lovers' Guide, was gathered and the band moved to Davos Records studio to commence the recording and mastering process. The entire album’s tracklist consists of 9 songs, including a cover of an instant classic Override Of The Overture by Dismember. The production of the record has come out very clear yet still raw enough as is the Swedish tone supposed to be. No drums’ triggering was used (except for the kicks) and it just added even more to the harsh dynamics of the record.

All in all, with Dead Lovers‘ Guide in its final shape, Brutally Deceased showcase an uncompromising assault of Swedish Death Metal in its purest form. It’s all there, the speeded up, metalized punk rhytms, severe & heavy rififng from behind the cemetary gates, lethally blistering velocity enriched by morbid leads and harmonies... There’s plenty of knack & experience at disposal among band members, which allows for composing varied, well-thought and well-arranged tunes even at their beginning stage. The level of intensity and eagerness pouring from the record can actually become a very distinctive sign of the band. Whatever, future will tell...

Patrik, the bass player, doesn‘t continue with the band anymore. He fulfilled his “live duties” and will further concentrate on playing with Heaving Earth only. Last news is, we have found a replacement - the new member is named Burák, who played with Stefy in Jig –Ai.


Datum vydání Název nahrávky Média
2010 Dead Lovers´Guide


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