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From deep in the bowels of Texas oozes Viral Load with their brutal death metal!!! They released many great albums and have strong past with some a classic records in brutal death metal underground as "Brutaliyed Beyond Belief" or "Practitioners of Perversion"!!! Remember TXDM - fuckin´ brutal!!!



Insidious Decrepancy was formed in the winter of 2000 by founder/creator Shawn Whitaker. After the demise of his former band, Viral Load, Shawn decided that since he was responsible for writing 100% of the music and about half the lyrics for the band, that he would get more accomplished if he did everything himself. His playing style at this time was making a shift to a more technical approach as well; thus Insidious Decrepancy was born. In the summer of 2001, Decadent Orgy of Atrocious Suffering (TXDM records) was recorded and received awesome reviews in the underground proving that a person could program a drum machine and make it sound actually like a real drummer and that a one man band can compete on CD and live with a full five-piece band. TXDM records died a premature death in 2003 and Insidious was picked up on Unmatched Brutality Records about a year later. Unmatched reissued the first Insidious disc with new artwork and in July of 2005, Shawn entered the studio once again to record his second effort, The Inerrancy of Profanation. This CD showcases Shawn's maturity in his writing and gives a glimpse of the sickness to come. Insidious has since signed with Brutal Bands and the label has released the first official Insidious DVD, Texas Tormenting Tokyo 2005. Insidious Decrepancy has played many fests and shows since 2001 including The Ohio Death Fest 2001 and 2002, Texas Murderfest 2004, Southern Slam Fest 2005 (SC), Tokyo Deathfest (Japan) 2005, Gathering of the Sick Fest (NM) 2005, and The Inerrancy of Profanation European tour 2005. 2005 also marked the re-issues of the first 2 Viral Load cds on the japanese label Amputated Vein Records.

2006 was an even bigger year for Shawn as he reformed his old band Viral Load and atteded the Tokyo Deathfest. Insidious embarked on the Allies of Extremity European tour (May 11-28), and Insidious played The Central Valley Death Fest (CA), ), Gathering of the Sick Fest (NM), and NRW Fest (Germany) with a 2 week European tour after the fest with Gorgasm!! Whitaker also recorded the 3rd Viral Load effort "Backwoods Bludgeoning" in 2006.

2007 was another busy year for Whitaker, as Viral Load was invited to play with Devourment on their first European tour. Whitaker recorded and released "Hillbilly Whore Hackin' Revival" e.p. exclusively for this tour and inked a deal with Sevared Records for this e.p. and a new full length Viral cd. Whitaker enlisted the help of James King (X-Origin, Unmerciful) to play the skins for this sick tour. This tour was amazingly successful and Whitaker got a chance to play in over 15 countries in Europe and play many fests there including FUCK THE COMMERCE open air festival in Germany.

Later that year, King flew down and recorded session drums on the newest Viral Load cd "Decade of Deepwoods Debauchery". This is by far Shawn's greatest work yet, featuring Live drums, a huge production courtesy of Noise Farm Studios, and the disc was mastered by death metal legend James Murphy! 2008 saw Whitaker focusing even more on dominating the death metal world with more sick tours and shows including, Central Illinois Metalfest 08 and Mountains of Death open air festival in Switzerland where Insidious co-headlined with Cephalic Carnage and Despised Icon with a full lineup of James King on drums and Tim Bartlett/(evil god, teratism) on bass!! Whitaker had also secured a licensing deal with Relapse records for an exclusive shirt design for Viral Load. Then we come to 2009, where Insidious got a chance to do the Extirpating Europe tour 2009 with Unmerciful and Despised(CZECH) covering 11 countries. Then 2 months later Insidious played the biggest show of Whitakers’ career at Deathfeast Open Air in Germany for over 2000 people!!! And of course, last but not least, 2008/2009 saw Insidious Decrepancy Recording the sickest and most brutal album Whitaker has ever spawned, Extirpating Omniscient Certitude. This CD is the greatest work from Shawn yet, and is available now at www.brutalbands.com The future will see Viral Load being very busy, as Whitaker has inked a deal with Relapse Records for a split CD with the mighty Putrid Pile to be released this winter, as well as another Viral EP on Sevared records coming shortly thereafter. In 2010, Viral is set to record and release another full length cd on Sevared Records as well.


Release date Release name Media
2008 Decade of Deepwoods Debauchery
2007 Hillbilly Whore Hackin' Revival
2006 Backwoods Bludgeoning -


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