The Swedes simply know, the Swedes have a feeling for extreme music, simply Sweden rules… Every year a flood of young bands come to OEF and every year we are very enthusiastic about that!!!PASSIV are another great band playing exclusive metalic crust!!! A properly screaming vocal and music with a speed asking for a headbang. This is the way crust pets like it!!!


The Band started playing together during the spring of 2007, back then as a four set piece. The idea was to create a melodic crustpunk band with no boundaries to the typical scene rules; "do this, do that - if not, youré not true enough.." bla bla bla, fuck that.

All members comes from different bands such as Asylium(Deathmetal), S.O. Detestation(Grindcore), the Act(Screamo) and Cicatriz(Postmetal), among others.. so the mix between both metal as well as punk and hardcore have been coming to us in a pretty natural way. The lyrics, written in Swedish, mostly have a focus set on cynical and sarcasmfilled hate.

2010 - By now we are rehearsing, writing new songs, planning for upcoming releases and it feels fucking great! One release comes out, another gets planned right away.. and this will continue.


Magnus Hellbom - Vocals

Jimmy Hedlund - Guitar & Backup vocals

Andreas Eriksson - Guitar

Peter Hedman - Bass

Joel Axelsson - Drums


Release date Release name Media
0 Passiv Dödshjälp/Aktiv Dödshjälp - Split 7" EP
0 Halvfabrikat fick oss att göra det, 1999-2009 - 7" CD, EP
0 Sverigemangel - Hardcore & Punk Compilation CD


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