CUT TO FIT Finland



Finland has delivered an absolutely great band called ROTTEN SOUND!!! CUT TO FIT is another Finnish grind that is performed with enjoyment and a big drive!!!! That is the right way. That is the way we like it at OEF!!!


Finnish grindcore act Cut To Fit had its forced birth at the fall of 2008. After they had played together for about two weeks, they had fourteen kick ass songs, and recorded them. They we're released as a rehearsal tape Untill We Record Something More Terrifying. In December 2008, the band recorded these songs, and fourteen new songs, becouse they had a vision of full-length in their heads, but ended up releasing just the fourteen new songs as Slaughterhouse Live in May 2009. That spring they spent doing random gigs across Finland (which by accident ended up looking like a tour) and got well known as quite an energic group of youths. The band made some new songs and recorded Hiljaisuus... in four hours, then did some more gigs, and last December recorded their masterpiece Grind/11 which will be released soon. 11 songs of grinding truths about the world. Lyrically they represent just theirselves, young and angry anarchists who want to poke the world until it bursts and drowns 'em in shit. Everything inside and outside the band is done fast and efficiently, not wasting time, becouse it is a luxury nobody can afford throughout one's short life. They lost their drummer few weeks ago, and are already training the new guy to jump on command, so they'll be full of battered energy when we reach Obscene Extreme Festival!!!


Release date Release name Media
2010 Grind/11
2009 Hiljaisuus...
2009 Slaughterhouse Live


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