ABLACH Scotland



Guys from Scotland called ABLACH are gonna bring us really rough and properly intense death/grind!!! Experienced musicians have formed the band recently. However, their music has such balls we are pleased to welcome them to OEF!!!


Ablach formed in Aberdeen (Scotland), Summer 2007 and features ex-members of crustcore outfit Filthpact and current members of death metallers Bonesaw, two bands which have played prominent roles on both the underground punk and metal scenes across the UK and Europe.

Ablach played their first gig on Dec 30th 2007, recording their demo shortly afterwards and have since shared stages with some of the best hardcore, grindcore, metal and punk bands around including: Achren, A Den Of Robbers, Afgrund, Anaal Nathrakh, Atomgevitter, Black Sister, Cancer Bats, Captain Cleanoff, Co-Exist, Cyness, Discharge, Diskelma, Drive By Audio, Ehnahre, Joe Pesci, Flatlands, F.U.B.A.R, Ghoul Patrol, Gruesome Stuff Relish, Lycantrophy, Man Must Die, Needfull Things, Reth, Rising Terror, Sayyadina, Sic, Step On It, Spasm, Spoonful of Vicodin, Squashed Bowls, $ylvester $taline, The Arson Project, The Ergon Carousel, Unspoken, Witchunt and Wojczech. A full UK tour, with Afgrund from Sweden was completed in September 2008 and the demo was also repressed as a 7" by Problem Records (UK) for the tour.

2009 has seen the band: Play various shows around Scotland; Travel overseas to play at Bloodshed Festival in Eindhoven (The Netherlands) with an additional show played in Liege (Belgium); Have their debut album 'Aon (One)' (Containing artwork by Stiv – Visions of War and mixed and mastered by Brian 'Bri Doom' Talbot – Doom, Lazarus Blackstar, Sore Throat and The Devils) released globally on CD by Blastwork Records (Malaysia – Birdflesh, Iron Lung, Phobia, Regurgitate, Splitter and Suppository); Receive airplay on national radio station BBC Radio One (DJ - Vic Galloway); Complete a short tour of Scotland with F.U.B.A.R (NL), Gusto Mastivo and The Signal (Nov 2009); Appear on the following compilations: V/A: European Fastness - A Grindcore Compilation (Various Labels) and V/A: A Tribute To Nasum (Power It Up Records (GER).

Plans for 2010 already include: Commencing writing for album No.2 'Dha (Two)'; A trip overseas scheduled for Obscene Extreme Festival (Pardubice, Czech Republic) in July and a Finnish mini-tour in September.


Release date Release name Media
2009 V/A: A Tribute To Nasum CD
2009 V/A: European Fastness CD
2009 Aon (One) CD


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