INEVITABLE END is one of the newer signings to cult label Relapse Records. This Swedish foursome have landed a deal there after only two demo records and released their debut full length in March last year, entitled The Severed Inception. Having started out as a thrash/death metal band, their sound evolved into a more death/grind orientated attack that sounds equally refreshing as familiar. On a stage these guys have been known to go insane, climbing PA systems, jumping into the audience and attacking people in the crowd. You've been warned, these guys come to party and destroy at Obscene Extreme 2010!!!


Inevitable End is a deathmetal band from Sweden. Formed back in 2003, mainly influenced by thrashmetal, but through the years and line-up changes the music has envolved to a more modern deathmetal with lots of non-typical elements. In 2008 Inevitable End signed a record deal with Relapse Records and released their already recorded debut album 'The Severed Inception' in 2009. To promote this release they did alot of shows during the spring of 2009. Their music can be described as challenging and exciting on record but they are first and foremost to be seen as a live act. Delivering a chaotic live experience containing lots of sweat, aggresion, neckbreaking and sometimes even blood from various band members. It's highly recomended to go visit at least one show with these motherfuckers during your lifetime, even if that might be the last thing you do!

Sleep with one eye open ...


Andreas Gerdén - vocals

Marcus Bertilsson - guitar

Johan Ylenstrand - bass

Joakim Malmborg - drums


Release date Release name Media
2009 The Severed Inception
2006 Reversal DEMO
2004 Inevitable End DEMO


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