TRIGGER - Co nevidíš to nechceš


TRIGGER!!! This is going to be a treat for all speed-lovers and fans of frantic fastcore with a bone crushing bass sound. The trio of dudes refer to themselves as Drum N Bass Grind Violence and we can't help but agree, as their songs are a cool elixir of noise energy. Fast, short and furious!!!

TRIGGER will be at the OEF for the second time and we all expect them to pull the trigger of the extreme on full, this time!!! Speed fucking wins!!!


Since 2006 Trigger is a really noisy project by Kevin, Enrico and Denis. In the past years Trigger played around 300 shows worldwide. Trigger has its roots in 90ties Grindcore and Powerviolence, but also deep connections to Sludge and Doom. The overall sound can described as “Drum N Bass Grind Violence”. Trigger already played 2010 on Obscene Extreme.


Release date Release name Media
2019 Split w/Captain Caveman 7"
2019 Split w/908 7"
2016 Split w/Battra 7"
2014 Split w/Abjured 12"
2014 Start our Revenge - Album 12"
2013 Split w/Attack of the Mad Axeman 7"
2010 Tribute to Slap a Ham Compilation 12"
2009 Split w/Bizarre X 10"
2009 Split w/Run Time Error 12"
2007 Demo DEMO
2007 Costa Cosanostra Split


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