Massive, technical and of course fuckin´ BRUTAL slamming coming from Scotland that´s CEREBRAL BORE!!! Uneartly active young band with mega brutal music is going to tour with DEVOURMENT this summer and playing heaps of festivals including Obscene Extreme!!!


Cerebral Bore are a 4 man army hailing from Glasgow, Scotland. Since forming a fresh under the CB banner in November 2006, Since then, they have worked non stop to become a well established entity within the metal community, Playing shows and tours in countries including USA, UK, Switzerland, Portugal, Russia, Finland, Germany, France, Belgium, Greece and Italy. Sharing stages with bands including Dying fetus, Suffocation, Origin, Anal cunt, Brutal truth, Monstrosity, Misery index, Devourment and many more. The band have chosen to remain unsigned, and have gone their own DIY route towards their goals, one of which being their long awaited full length release, put back by early member problems caused by the adjustment to touring within the band.. 2010 sees the release of the bands debut album, and will also see them embark on a world tour throughout the year to promote it. So keep all eyes and ears open for the arrival of Cerebral Bore in 2010. Chances are they´re playing right next door to u at some point!


Release date Release name Media
2010 Debut album "untitled"
2007 The Dead Flesh Architect EP


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