THORNAFIRE South America



THORNAFIRE are coming from hell of South America to spread twisted and poisoned madness of true death metal!!! They worship altar of the ancinet ones and takes it cues from the likes MORBID ANGEL, KRISIUN, while putting its own unique spin on the genre!!! Brutal!!!


Thornafire began in 1998 with the unique idea of playing Death Metal. By that time the line-up was with César Acuna (vocals), David Liempi and Víctor Mac-Namara (guitars), Alexis Munoz (bass and vocals), and Víctor Vergara (drums). One year later, two songs were recorded to be their first demo called "Granded for all Somberness". With that tape and a savage live show, the band started to achieve a strong name in the local scene.

After some line-up changes, in 2001 the MCD “Mortus Tenebrae Surrectus” was released, which received many good reviews from the local and international Metal media and with that, Thornafire became as one of the most promising Chilean extreme metal acts. That MCD contains six songs of annihilator Death Metal. It was distributed all over Chile as well as many trades were done with several labels and bands from South America, USA and Europe… now it’s almost sold out!

With Alexis Munoz (bass and vocals), Eduardo Díaz (drums), Victor Mac-Namara and Germán Vazques (guitars), in the early 2003 a tour through the north of Chile and Bolivia was booked. Then a show with Czech’s Pandemia in Santiago and new gigs in the south of the country. To finish an amazing year, more shows were played abroad… this time in Argentina.

In the middle of 2005 the band record the debut LP “Exacerbated Gnostic Manifestation” , record that marks the debut in the band of our new drummer Juan Pablo Donoso, known for his brutal work with Sadism. This record was a milestone in brutality, an masterpiece of hate. Ibex Moon Records, the label created by INCANTATION mastermind John McEntee, has signed THORNAFIRE. The group's full-length debut, "Exacerbated Gnostic Manifestation", was released in April 2007 through RED Distribution. Thornafire released "Vorex Deconstrucción", on July 21th trough Ibex Moon Records. Two years in the works, the follow-up to "Exacerbated Gnostic Manifestation" is "sure to be another metal of death tour de force," according to a press release. "The act has captured the true spirit of a Southern American death metal style that worships at the altar of the ancient ones and takes it cues from the likes MORBID ANGEL, KRISIUN, (early) SEPULTURA, and PENTAGRAM (Chile), while putting its own unique spin on the genre."


Release date Release name Media
2009 Vorex Deconstrucción CD
2007 Exacerbated Gnostic Manifestation CD
2004 Sin and Flesh Devotion DEMO


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