ROXOR Slovakia



A totally frank soundtrack for an apocalypse. In fact it is a breakneck drive in a classical d-beat rhythm which is a combination that is simply to say tearing apart. Many of you might think of Diskonto in this context and it will make sense. However, it is necessary to mention Roxor are much rougher and more brutal. Aggressive, rough d-beat, full of frustration and fast as fuck.


The band formed back in 2007 with Turco playing drums, Cingy - bass and Little Matúš - guitar. Few months later singer Big Matúš joined the band. We recorded our firs demo in 2008 in our practice room which came out on MC with couple of copies on CD-R as well. At that time the band plays gigs and writes new songs. In the beginning of 2009, Malárie records offered the band to record a split LP with How Long. Songs on that split come from the first demo, but were remixed by Jack Control in Enormous Door Studio. In the end of 2009 the band recorded 11 new songs 6 of which will come out on a forthcoming FP, 2 songs on a compilation in Sweden by D-takt/raw punk records and we also got an offer to put out a CD with Dybbuck records, Mexico. We plan to record new stuff by the end of April/beginning of May which will come out on a split LP with the band Risposta during the summer of 2010.


Release date Release name Media
2009 split w/How Long
2008 demo MC (TAPE)
0 split LP s Risposta LP


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