MUCUS Belgium



Though MUCUS have been to this world since more than 10 years many people do not know them which is a pitty I think… These blokes from Belgium grind a very fast, noisy grindcore mosh that can bring us to more than one grind orgasm!!! Those who like it very fast should not miss them!!!


Mucus is born in the summer of 1997 in Charleroi ( belgium ) , with anthony at the drum hybrid viscery, undertaker and vaginal pus ), karl on guitar hybrid viscery, mystica and alesia) and jean yves at vocals. playmobil comes in november at the guitar ( vaginal pus ). one year later karl left the group. and 5 years later jeans yves left the group too. in 2002, le ghislain comes for the vocals ( pest and dechet de matrice ). in 2005, playmobil was seriously injuried on an accident and tom ( hybrid viscery and in your pussy ) takes the guitar the time that playmobil comes back. when playmobil come back, tom joined the group as the second guitarist. Today , mucus search to make brutal grindcore.


Release date Release name Media
2010 Mucus / Oerjgrinder Split
2007 Compliation Face Your Underground 3
2006 Mucus / Agathocles Split


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