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Total-low end sewage death metal is written on their website!!! And it's good damn right, their music is 100% old school death metal!!! Joy for all lovers of ENTOMBED, CARNAGE, GRAVE or BOLT THROWER!!!


Funerus has been a driving force in the underground death metal scene since the early 1990's. In 2001, bass player Jill McEntee hooked up with John McEntee and Kyle Severn from Incantation to work on new material for the debut Funerus album. "Festering Earth" which was the first release on Ibex Moon Records in 2004, was highly praised in the metal community and got great reviews in the world wide metal music press. Many shows, tours, and festival appearances came after the release of “Festering Earth”, including two US tours, two European tours, two South American tours, one Canadian tour, three Mexico tours, and one tour of Japan. Funerus has played many festivals in numerous countries including the US, Australia, Portugal, Brazil, Poland, Italy, and Germany.

The band has played along side almost all major death metal bands and is highly respected by it's peers. Funerus has a reputation for being a hard working and dedicated band who also puts on a high energy live show.

In 2008, Jill and John recruited Sam Inzerra from the band Mortician as their new drummer. With this line-up the band has been hard at work on new material for their follow up release to the successful “Festering Earth” album. The band will enter the studio early fall 2009 and the new album should be in stores worldwide by late winter 2010.


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