These six wunderkinders from germany call their music "grindpunk" though their material contains more musical styles than the term "grindpunk" might reveal. Just imagine Extreme Noise Terror meeting Cradle Of Filth at the Love Parade procreating a clan of disturbed german speaking descendants afflicted with both attention deficit- and obsessive compulsive disorder. Jaka are proud to give their OE-debut and blast their sonic eruptions (all of them between 10 seconds and five minutes long) on to the festival ground.


When desgin students Christof Kather and Klaus Nicodem formed Japanische Kampfhoerspiele back in 1998 as a side project everybody told them: "you will never make it anywhere with a name like that and that noisy type of music combined with german lyrics". Almost 12 years later the band has released a huge number of longplayers, ep's + split singles and has played countless shows around the globe. The six weird gentleman from Jaka call their music GRINDPUNK that despises the ears of the mainstream and pleases anybody who is tired of the old verse/chorus-clichee. Last year they founded their own label "unundeux" which was their final step into complete artistic freedom. 2010 sees the release of their brand new album "bilder fressen strom". Well if they haven't made it anywhere since 1998 at least they made it to the Obscene Extreme. And that makes the band extremely proud.


Release date Release name Media
2010 "bilder fressen strom" CD
2009 10" "luxusvernichtung" CD, EP
2009 Split CD with Eisenvater CD


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