The Swedish scene is so small and prolific that it's difficult to be too impressed by the list of other bands associated with most outfits, but with Malmö-based brutal deathgrind savages SPLATTERED MERMAIDS, it's an absolute badge of quality, coming coupled with tour ethic that few can match.

Containing VISCERAL BLEEDING bassist MARTIN EKLÖV and current RAZORRAPE and former DERANGED drummer MARTIN SCHÖNHERR, SPLATTERED MERMAIDS toured the Czech Republic soon after forming and releasing their first demo in 2005, so it's fitting that they should return, this time to OBSCENE EXTREME 2012, with a new album.


Splattered Mermaids was formed in Malmö, Sweden early 2005. The intention from start was to create some fast goregrind stuff but after some rehearsals it ended up in a mix between death metal, old school death metal and grindcore, as you can hear on the first self-released EP "Bloodfreak" (2005). Splattered Mermaids played frequently live in 2005 and every gig was accepted just to spread the chaotic music, and the band became known for it's chaotic live performances. Second EP "Creation of Wounds" (2006, Inner Voice Records) showed a more "death metal" oriented sound and this EP received some great feedback around and brought the band on their first mini tour in Czech republic and played on the infamous Antitrend Festival (outside Brno) Summer 2006. The band signed a deal with Czech label Bizarre Leprous Production in 2007 and first fullength album "Stench of Flesh" was released in April 2008. Splattered Mermaids has since then returned to the Antitrend Festival every year! A split-CD was recorded in January 2009 which contains 2 new songs and 2 re-recorded songs. The band embarked on an European tour in May 2011 with Dutch gore grinders Rectal Smegma. This was maybe the craziest tour ever and will surely become one of the bands best memories! Splattered Mermaids has written 13 new songs for their upcoming album "Reforged in Gore", to be recorded during November-December 2011, and to be released in early 2012 - STAY TUNED!!!!


Release date Release name Media
2012 Reforged in Gore
2009 Illegal Grinding
2008 Stench of Flesh
2006 Creation of Wounds EP
2005 Bloodfreak DEMO


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