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With Wormrot leading the charge, the fathers of their scene, DEMISOR are bringing up the rear, ready to leave OBSCENE EXTREME 2012 in awe of Singapore's crust-laden, skull-rattling brand of grindcore anarchy.

A true cult band, DEMISOR formed in 1987 to play ugly and chaotic grinding death metal, releasing their first demo in 1990 and following it up with over a dozen splits (with the varied likes of UNHOLY GRAVE, DISCONTROL, GORE BEYOND and CARCASS GRINDER) and a second demo.

Playing shows in Malaysia and Japan long before airfares were dirt cheap and borders just meant different coloured road signs, and surviving line-up changes caused by everything from prison to emigration, DEMISOR are true old school masters, and they're hear to teach you respect.


The band took off in the early 87' with members playing death metal covers and doing some original songs. With Azizi-guitar, Yazid-guitar, Dol-bass and Maiden-drums. This line up did few jamming but no releases as some members quit and join other death metal acts. Then the bands took off again with another line up with Dol switching to drums and Botak of Living Corpse zine' editor as vocals. They ...add Zul in bass and did a reh/demo "Mastectomy" in the early 90'. Although the sound turn out bad they received good response from the underground listeners. After that reh/demo the bands have problems again and left with only Botak and Dol to continue. They recruited Amirul on bass and started the band again. With some original songs done they wanted to record a demo but again the band slacken again. They soon called Jali to play drums and Dol is switch to guitar. Again the band slackens and then they kick out Dol and recruited more members to play with Harman as vocals and Apang as bass. They got John(EX U.G.F) as another vocals but then change again to Fahmy as vocals. With this line up they record another reh/demo "Oral Climax" in early 92'. The line up is Botak-guitar, Amirul-guitar, Apang-bass, Harman-vocals, Fahmy-vocals and Jali-drums. With this line-up they play their first gig at Malaysia, Perak in 93' with all great Malaysian death metal acts like Brain Dead, Tormentor etc. Soon after that again a change in the line up with Azizi playing back in bass replacing Apang.With this line up they did a split EP tape with Malaysian death metal godz Necrotic Chaos. Again a change in the line up with Azizi switching to guitars as Botak decided to q uit. So with Fahmy-vocals, Harman-vocals, Amirul-guitars, Azizi-guitars/bass and Jali-drums they did few releases and lots of live in Singapore and Malaysia. Then Harman quits but the band moves on with the remaining members. The band played twice in Indonesia, Jakarta and Bandung 1997.Then Azizi has problem with immigrations and the bands go on with 3 members. Soon after, Demisor called upon Syamsir(Minus) to handle the bass and with this line up they did a few split 7"ep, a few gigs in Malaysia and a Japan gig 1999. With time constraint and lack of commitment. Demisor is on a halt but then again. Amirul recruited Zainal(Bile Pucess) for drum duties replacing Jali who is now on full time with Edora and Secret 7. Fahmy on the other hand is struggling with his own drinking problems and Diverticulosis. With his throat duties almost gone due to severe Chorditis. He quit the band temporarily. When Napalm Death announced that they were to grind Malaysia. Demisor were called for t he opening. Amirul/Zainal called Bob and Fahmy to fill up the space that were vacant. All agreed and we proceed to grind the stage. But all went to a dead end again when communication problems and time management problems arise again. Soon enough this time Amirul went out and formed Bombarde and Magnicide while this time Zainal went out to concentrate with his career and family. Bob however went back to Malaysia and start his own music business. Fahmy was left to handle Demisor and he called Zaid(Desolation) for guitars and Shahlan(Bile Pucess) for drum duites. With this line up, Demisor did a split cd with Bestial Devastation(Italy). Due to Zaid imprisonment and Shahlan migrating to Australia. Demisor is again on hold. Fahmy also did roped in Sham(Raspatul), Halim(ex Impiety) to record some songs, it was supposed to be on a split cd but things didn't get any futher and thus all that songs became unreleased and again be secured securely in the Demisor's "Unreleased" vault of horror along with the other traxx that never saw the lights. But in 2010, Fahmy decided to recall Amirul, Jali and Bob to step in Demisor again for a gig showdown in Malaysia. Hence with all being back together again, Demisor has once again follow it's instinct to grind as a unit altogether. So now current line up are Fahmy(Vox), Amirul(Bass), Bob(Guitars) and Jali(Drums). So look out for the next chapter in Singapore's grind folklore as Demisor will rip apart your lungs and make you feel breatheless with it's grind requiem...


Release date Release name Media
0 DEMISOR/ARSERIPPER (Australia) split 7"ep on Dry Retch Prod. EP
0 DEMISOR/DISCONTROL (Sweden) split 7"ep on Ubble Gubble Records EP
0 DEMISOR reh/demo 'Mastectomy' 90' DEMO


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