The first (and probably only) grindcore band in TUNISIA, HUMAN SCUM are a collaboration between guitarist/drum programmer MAHDI RIAHI and German-based Tunisian bassist NIDHAL MAHMOUD.

Driven to break down boundaries between politics and nations, and kick hard against domination and oppression (new song 'DEATH TO BEN ALI' tells you everything you need to know about where HUMAN SCUM stand), they're bringing their crust-laden sonic uprising to OBSCENE EXTREME 2012.


The first Tunisian Grindcore band !!! Human Scum has started as a project between two freaks living in different countries... Mahdi from Tunisia and Nidhal, tunisian lives between Germany and France. We had connection over internet befor have meeting ech others, we spoke about different kind of music, and we had the same opinions !! So as Nidhal turns back home for holliday, we used the occasion to make the first Ep. A kind of Death Metal, Grindcore and some crust influences... Our lyrics are mostly social´s critiques about our acctuel life; result of Globalisation and economical wars !!! peoples forgot the real reasons of life, which became an insane battle, without taking a step back just to think about what we really are as persone and what are the reasones we´re fighting for... For us, Grind is the way to break the social, political, ethnique and all the other kind of domination... And so we ended up as a Grind band GRIND CRUST THE CHAINS!!!


Release date Release name Media
2011 Burnt to Liberate
2010 Behind Human Decline


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