GROG Portugal



Fermenting and incubating in the putrid womb of the Portuguese underground scene for the past 20 years, we present you the most well preserved and uncorrupted corpse ever to hit the stage of the OEF.

GROG is, undoubtedly, the most respected death/grind act hailing from the haunted Lusitanian shores, earning every millimeter of respect by releasing some exquisite memorabilia cult material throughout two decades (1997 “MACABRE REQUIEMS” debut full length being the highlight) and by carving deep in the brain of the supporters some of the most outrageous performances ever executed across Europe.

Riding high a third full length tsunami by the name of “SCOOPING THE CRANIAL INSIDES”, GROG is already sharpening teeth and nails while aiming for new transcendental horizons of sonic guttural violence, knowing no boundaries and defragmenting conventions at the speed of light. Prepare to behold the accuracy of the undisputed Portuguese death/grind champions on the 2012 OEF edition.


Everything started in September 1991. The goal was to establish a national new standard in heaviness and speed. Assuming a more grindcore approach in our beginning career, the band introduced technical elements throughout the following years due 90’s brutal death metal influences, As a result, after 20 years, Grog is undoubtedly one of the references within the brutal death-grind genre nationally, and has both a good reputation in the European and North American markets.

As result Grog has a considerable underground activity as a live band. Here’s a small list of some international and national acts with whom we played, Ancient Rites, Blood, Sodom, Destruction, Nile, Macabre, Sinister, Grave, Avulsed, Dead Infection, Suhrim, Wormed, Absu, Origin, Machetazo, Ingrowing, Belphegor, Human Mincer, Fermento, Unleashed, Gama Bomb, Dead Meat, Process of Guilt, The Firstborn, Ramp, Namek, Decrepidemic, Holocausto Canibal, Simbiose, Desire, Decayed and many more.

After a long period of internal combustion, Grog is back full of strength and ideas to spread amongst the musical scene. Powerful as ever, we will continue to expose the creepy motivations of human reptilian brain with a lot of bad taste and organic juices, properly combined with shredding riffs, insane beats and ripping growls.

As result in 2010 Grog released through Grindhead Rec. a 3 way split CD with five new songs and after that out on Vomit My Shirt Rec., Murder Rec., Sevared Rec. and Lucidistro came our 18th year celebration CD with 27 songs and 70 min. of pure Grog Brutal Deathgrind history. Besides these releases, we also began the recordings of our 3rd full length to be released in 2011.

For this propose Grog signed with Murder Records and Scooping the Cranial Insides is set to be released in April 2011.

This new CD sets a new stage of relentless brutality, speed intensity, pounding technicality and cavernous grunting for Grog. So if you want to experiment some furious head banging, hear it…but be aware for the neck breaking injuries.

Grind On!

Grog Grind Combat Team Line-Up 2011:

Alex – Ghandi's Pulse and Extra Ham Squeals

Ivo – Shamanic Strings, Didgeridoo Healing, Uruboric Percussions and Backing Throat Chants

Pedra – Belly Growler& Throat Chords Scratcher

Rolando – Drumstick epilepsy, Pathological feet tremors, Woodblock, Shakers, Hand Cymbals and Maniac Screams


Release date Release name Media
2011 Scooping the Cranial Insides CD
2010 Gastric Hymns Mummified in Purulency CD
2010 3 Way Split - In Grog We Grind
2005 Portuguese Nightmare: A Tribute to Misfits, With the cover song – “Death Comes Ripping” CD
2001 Odes to the Carnivorous CD


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