Formed just as black metal was reaching its peak in 1995, Berlin's NECROMORPH have changed radically over the years – incorporating every influence into the finished whole of 2011 album, the appropriately titled 'GRINDING BLACK ZERO'.

From the black metal of their origins, to Swedish-style death metal, and now a combination of the two, welded together with the crust/grind intensity of post-Nasum grinders like Afgrund and Gadget, NECROMORPH's chaotic style of aural violence has seen them play with a range as broad as their style – from ZIMMER'S HOLE and AMON AMARTH, to REGURGITATE and BATHTUB SHITTER.

They'll feel right at home with the rest of the freaks at OBSCENE EXTREME 2012, then.


Necromorph was formed in august 1995. The acting line-up is forced from the brothers and foundation members: Fritz(Vox), Jockel(bass).

Necromorph combines a lot of drive at maximum speed with extremely groovy riffing to produce an energetic mixture of all styles of hard music. Influences of old-school swedish death metal / grindcore bands as well as styles of more progressive bands are brought together in intelligent songstructures that always stay direct and without any convoluted bullshit. The band has shared the stage with, among lots of others, Regurgitate, Autoritar, Fleshless, Blood, Zimmers Hole, Hypnos, Amon Amarth, Bathtub Shitter.

The current line-up:

Micha (Drums)

Jockel (Bass)

Ulf (Guitar)

Karl (Guitar)

Fritz (Vox)


Release date Release name Media
2011 Grinding Black Zero CD
2009 Split CD with Violent Headache CD
2004 Inputcollapse EP


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