Super-sick Bulgarian groovy goregrind unit COCK LUSH are no strangers to OBSCENE EXTREME, or indeed the grindcore scene – having toured Europe with their comerades ENTHRALLMENT and played the likes of Germany's DEATH FEAST OPEN AIR.

Once you hear these ear-splitting pig-squeal vocals at OBSCENE EXTREME 2012, you'll know why such a young band – forming in 2009 and with only one record under their collective belt - have such a feverish following.


Cocklush - groovy goregrind band from Pleven, Bulgaria, formed in the begining of 2009. In the end of april 2010 the band goes on their first european tour with their fellow citizens Enthrallment.The tour goes trough over 15 Cities and 9 Countries.In november the same year the band releases "Who Are You" - the debut album.In the years of its existence Cocklush had played on one stage with Malevolent Creation , Disgorge(Mex), Sanatorium, Mass Infection,Necrovile and many more.


Release date Release name Media
2010 "Who Are You" CD


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