Only the filthiest festival in the world could entice crust royalty EXTINCTION OF MANKIND!!!

Forming in 1992, they may have just missed out on the first wave of Thatcher-baiting but quickly made up for it by releasing splits with British crust originators DOOM and Swedish punk savages WARCOLLAPSE, touring heavily with both bands – even inducting DOOM guitarist SCOOT into the band in 1998.

Tours with SKITSYSTEM, MISERY and WOLFPACK (now WOLFBRIGADE) followed, and in true DIY punk rock style, what they lacked in full-length albums (the last being 2006's 'NORTHERN SCUM'), they more than made up for with their incredible live shows.

Get ready to add OBSCENE EXTREME 2012 to that list!!!


Formed in 1992 with plenty of practices and gigs, the first split EP with Warcollapse was released at the end of 1993 The next split EP with Doom was released in 1994. The Weakness EP was also released in 1994 and a tour of Europe with Doom was undertaken. After the tour Fozzy left the band to be replaced by Ginny on bass duties, and work on the Baptised in Shit album began. The album recorded, the band set out on another tour of Europe with Warcollapse in 1995 and the album was released during this tour. 1996 saw another tour of Europe this time with Misery. Around this time a plan to release a split album with Misery surfaced, and did that ever take a long time to happen! Early 1998 saw the recording of the Scars of Mankind EP. Around this time Foz left the band to be replaced by Tony on the drums Then a tour of the UK and Scotland with Wolfpack. After this tour it was decided to go the two guitarist route bringing in Scoot (ex Largactil,Doom,HK), but things didn't work out and Mass left leaving Scoot sole guitar duties. 1999 and a tour of Sweden and Norway with Wolfpack and Skitsystem was the bands next outing The end of 1999 saw both EOM and Misery in the studio to record their split album Apocalyptic Crust, finally. 2000 and a tour of the west coast of the US with Misery was undertaken, although no sign of the album being put out. 2001 and after lots of chasing about and confusion, 2 years after recording, the album finally comes out, on CD and 2 different 12" vinyl's A return to the US to do the east coast and Canada again with Misery brings the year to an end. 2002 the Ale to England EP comes out, this being 3 years after recording, (songs recorded during the Apocalyptic Crust sessions) 2003 no tours a few UK dates wi. The band go into the studio to record their second full length album, hopefully out in the new year. Is 8 Years in between albums a long time?. 2004-recorded The Nightmare Seconds... released on cd by us & vinyl by Profane Existence then a Euro tour was undertaken. EOM played the Profane 15th anniversery bash w Misery in Minneapolis. 2005-gigs around the UK including benefits for Stig (icons of filth) & Wayne (doom) who both sadly passed away, gigs in Finland, recorded 2 trax for comps. 2006-into the studio in april to record NORTHERN SCUM the next full length lp finally released in 2007 again by ourselves & pronfane ex. Since then many gigs in Europe (including the mighty OBSCENE EXTREME FEST IN 2007) & a new release being the split 12" with PHOBIA on agipunk recs. A split cd release with DISGUST (japan) on MCR in 2010 for the EOM/disgust Japan tour. During this time trax were laid down for a new 7" released by us on XTINCTION RECORDS & a split 7" with old friends WOLFBRIGADE both due in 2012 (celebrating 20 years of EOM), Northern Scum will also eventually get the re-release it deserves thru agipunk. During early 2011 Ginny suffered a heart attack, thankfully he made a full recovery towards the end of the year, so obviously EOM gigs will be few & far between, we are super chuffed that one of these will be OEF 2012.


Release date Release name Media
2012 Northern Scum reissue due
2012 split 7" with WOLFBRIGADE due
0 Split CD with DISGUST CD
0 Split LP with PHOBIA LP


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