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With nearly a decade of knuckle-cracking, breakneck crust punk under their belts, Ostrava (now Brno), Czech Republic's 6MAS are recognised as undisputed titans of the genre – if they were Swedish, these snarling shitkickers would be kings of the world.

With new LP 'RAPE THE EARTH' still burning out the needles on record players everywhere, 6MAS are just another searing example of why OBSCENE EXTREME 2012 is the where the underground explodes into the light, like scorching lava from a volcano, burning trees and buildings to a cinder in its path.


6MAS formed in Ostrava (Czech republic) in winter 2003 when Mirda (guitar), Obstik (vocals) and Kamen (drums – ex Carnal Diafragma) decided to play raw crust grind music. Few months later joined the band Detlef (bass – now How Long?) and in autumn 2003 played 6MAS the first show. With this line up played in the years 2003-2006 around 50 concerts and recorded 16 minutes demo that was released on the split tape with MOCOVY KHAMENI. In summer 2006 Kamen left the band resulting in one year break. In this period Obstik and Mirda moved from Ostrava to their native city of Brno. Then in winter 2007 began a new era of 6MAS when Fedor (also SKODA 120) took the drum sticks and Zdenal the bass. In few months they have created new songs, which in autumn 2009, recorded in the studio. Few weeks after, Zdenal left the band and his position took Ola (also Škoda 120). Twenty-eight -minute LP “Rape the Earth” was released In January 2011 in cooperation of 7 D.I.Y. labels.


Release date Release name Media
2011 12´´ LP – 6MAS – Rape the Earth… (EveryDayHate recs, G.R.F. recs, Rarach Katus recs, Člověk recs, JNThe Beast recs., Hellbeat recs, Aback recs) LP
2006 split MC – 6MAS / MOČOVÝ KHAMENI (Project prod., G.R.F. recs., Kamčův D.I.Y. Swět) MC (TAPE)


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