Flick up your collar, don some mirror shades and head to the graveyard to party like its Return Of The Living Dead, Sweden's REPUKED are swaggering, strutting death punk circa 1988.

Channelling AUTOPSY, DEATH STRIKE and REPULSION, with the punkish, d-beat attitude of ENTOMBED, these new pupils to the old school turned heads with the sickening, toxic assault of their 2011 full-length debut “PERVERTOPIA.”

Armed with a new drummer and a steady stream of forthcoming split 7”s, one with Sicilian gorelords HAEMOPHAGUS, OBSCENE EXTREME 2012 is set to spend detention with the old school's chain-smoking, gum-chewing drop-outs.


Repuked was formed in the poor suburbs of Stockholm, Sweden early 2007. Starting out as a 3-piece with their minds set on getting drunk while crapping out the sickest tunes ever produced. Nicke Shit on gtr, Rob Slob on bass and Tobeass on drums recorded their first demo, “Excremental Funeral” in 2008. It received very good reviews for being nasty and sick as an aids-ridden asshole.

Following year Tobeass wanted to spend more time developing his alcoholism and couldn’t find time for band practice in his busy drinking schedule (the rehearsals was like once every second month). New drummer became Kinky Stieg, still being a 3-piece band their second demo “Vomitfilled Baptism” was recorded. This demo got attention from polish record label Psycho Records, and they released both Repuked demos plus an unreleased tune called ”Pissbomb”, on cassette. Lots of cool reviews and some interviews in underground zines were made.

In late 2010 they began working on the debut album “Pervertopia” for dutch record label Soulseller Records. Around this time they recruited Richard Rimjob on second gtr. For the first time as a 4-piece and with a full length album released Repuked finally entered the live stages, taking their punk infused death metal into new proportions. This became too much for Kinky Stieg to cope with, being very old, smelly and with one drumstick in the grave he was sacked from the band.

Summer 2011, Mad Masx joined Repuked, being their third drummer and counting. A new 4 song EP and one (2 songs each) split with Haemophagus is looking to see the gloomy light of day anytime soon. More shows being booked, new friends being gained, vomitbags being filled and new songs for a second album is under process. It´s all good in the Puke camp.

Lineup 2011:

Nicke Shit – gtr and voc

Rob Slob – bass and voc

Richard Rimjob – gtr and voc

Mad Masx - drums


Release date Release name Media
2011 Pervertopia
2011 Nunc est bebendum EP
2011 Split w/ Haemophagus EP


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