After the sad news from the dutch band BODYFARM regarding the death in the family of one band member, we proudly announce the stand-in band! It is a local thrash crossover band EXORCIZPHOBIA that will play it´s part instead of BODYFARM! Expect ass-kicking set full of old school thrash metal riffs combined with punk and hardcore fury. They are the real Trutnov Moshers!


The band was formed in 2005 with the name Deathmarch. Founding members were: guitar - Tomas Skorepa, bass - Jan Erben, drums - Jakub Vaclav. In 2006, Josef Valkoun joins the band – guitar, and the band changes its name to Exorcizphobia. In the upcoming season, the band is performing in the clubs alongside the czech legends like Debustrol, V.A.R. or Tortharry. In 2009 the band has issued live record "Remains Of Early Years." in the DIY spirit. At the end of 2009 they have released their debut EP "Inside Disease." In the following year the band has appeared alongside Drömdead, Bonded By Blood, Lazarus AD, Torture Squad, Short Sharp Shock and speed core legend Wehrmacht. The Band has got the first experience with large festivals at the Open Air Music Festival in 2010. It´s definitely worth to mention that Tomas Skorepa has had a chance to perform as a lead guitarist with the band D.R.I. at Obscene Extreme 2010. A t the end of 2011 Exorcizphobia recording LP "Something Is Wrong ", which will be released early this year 2012. The drummer Jakub Vaclav leaves the band after six years and Martin Šotola comes to replace him like a new drumer from band P.L.H.


Release date Release name Media
2012 "Something Is Wrong" LP
2009 "Disease Inside" EP
2009 "Remains Of Early Years"


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