The Brazilian old dirty grindcore Plague Rages is active in the scene 15 years distilling hatred and destroying some ears with their furious grindcore.

After several gigs and released many splits in the world, these crazy Brazilians guys finally will came to Europe for its first tour (A PLAGUE OVER EUROPE TOUR), promoting his newest release, the album "Apocalipse Iminente" and promise to shake up the old continent with them intense grindcore and make a memorable show at Obscene Extreme Festival.


The Plague Rages band began in 1996 in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Since the beginning, the band plays the old and dirty grindcore with lyrics critical social problems, our outrage to society, poverty, hunger, corruption, greed, death and many world problems.

Since 1996, the line up changed many times, and for many years was a trio, but since 2010 acts as a quartet with a vocalist fixed. From the beginning, the band release their material under the undergrounds DIY labes. Currently the band is in the process of release of their newest album, called "Apocalipse Iminente", which was totally inspired by the movie "12 Monkeys" and is also preparing for his first European tour, after 15 years with the band .

The band since 2010: Mane (g/v), Antonio (b/v), Kiko (d) and Fernando Pescoco (v)


Release date Release name Media
0 Plague Rages X Syndrome of Terror - split 7 "EP EP
0 Plague Rages X LD50 - split 7 "EP EP
0 Triturando a Morte: 1996 - 2004 discography - full cdr CD


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