Existing since 2003, MASSIVE CHARGE just released a few months ago its second and craziest album, "Charge This World". A pure and raw old School Grindcore blast, without nothing else than fast grind headbanging rythms, Thrashy and angry riffs, aggressive and crusty screams, and amazing humming bass.

The best remains their incredible and genuine energy, which never let intensity falling. Massive charge is just one of the better French Band, go with them in the pit, you’ll be squashed and flattened. And you’ll like It!!!


MASSIVE CHARGE is a grindcore band from Nancy (north-east from FRANCE) formed in 2003.

**November 2003** : Creation of the band, with Matt (drums), Manu (bass), Vince (guitar), Jeremy (grunt). The band is going to compose in a grindcore oldschool style, mainly influenced by bands like Napalm Death, Brutal Truth, Terrorizer…**

**April 2004** : First gig in the bar "L'Embuscade" in Nancy with Abscones and Untamed**

**July 2004**: Manu left the band for professional reasons, the bass will henceforth be played by Tems**

**June 2006** : Tems left the band, the bass will henceforth be played by _Ptiot_ (untamed, ddfa, ex joy/disaster)**

**March 2007** : First album entitled "Silence" available. It contains 13 tracks for 26 minutes of pure grindcore old school**

**May 2007** : Jeremy decides to make a pause and goes to live some months in Tahiti. He is replaced by Jeremy (untamed’s drummer)**

**November 2007** : Jeremy stays to live in Tahiti, so Jeremy becomes the new official singer of the band**

**May 2009** : MASSIVE CHARGE record 7 songs for a split which will never be release**

**January 2011** : MASSIVE CHARGE is recording their new album which will contains 13 grindcore tracks**

**September 2011** : The second full-length of the band is available : "charge this world " is ready to explose your eardrums**


Release date Release name Media
2011 Second album called “Charge this world”
2006 First album called “Silence”


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