BIRDFLESH - Caligoulash


For the fifth time these furious farmers from Växjö, Sweden will pack their forks, shovels and wellington boots and will be heading for their so to say „home ground“ in Trutnov. No need to tell all the OEF maniacs that it is no one other than BIRDFLESH!!! 

Let's just recall this furious trio was formed as early as in 1992 and the guys have been playing shows all around the world since. They have also released many recordings with especially „The Farmer's Wrath“ branding them into the grind core maniacs` minds. And we do look forward to their „manuring“. The way only Smattro, Russin and Crocodealis know to do. No one else!!! BIRDFLESH is back at OEF 2018!!!


Birdflesh is a grindcore band from Växjö, Sweden. The band's song titles and lyrics are often humorous. Since the band was founded in 1992, they have released four full-length albums, one live album and numerous of split records along with other bands. The only founding member remaining is drummer and vocalist Smattro Anjovis followed by Russin Mandela (bass, vocals. 2007-) and Crocodealis (guitar, vocals. 2011-). Birdflesh are in the making of a new album to be released 2018. Birdflesh will appear on the ultimate grind festival Obscene Extreme in Czech Republic next summer. You don't want to miss out on that!


Release date Release name Media
2017 Birdflesh / Organ Dealer Split
2015 Nekroacropolis Split
2015 Melbourne in Hell Live album
2014 Cirkus Kristus / Untitled Split
2008 The Farmers' Wrath Full-length
2007 Happy Fun Sumo Sandwich DEMO
2007 Untitled / The Thing That Should Not Beak Split
2006 Taste of the Sun / In the Swamps You Rot Split
2006 Mongo Musicale Full-length
2005 Live @ Giants of Grind Live album
2004 Killing Rosenkeller DEMO
2004 Alive Autopsy / Trip to the Grave Compilation
2004 Death Metal Karaoke / My Flesh Creeps at Insects Split
2004 Time to Face Extinction Split
2003 Catbomb / Untitled Split
2002 Night of the Ultimate Mosh Full-length
2002 Carnage on the Fields of Rice EP
2002 Swedish Assault Split
2001 Alive Autopsy Full-length
2001 The Dead / Birdflesh Split
1999 Misery of the Defenceless / Do You Love Grind? pt: 2 Split
1999 Wo-man?! / Morbid Jesus Split
1998 We Were 7 Who 8... ...Our Neighbours on a Plate DEMO
1998 Trip to the Grave EP
1997 Fishfucked DEMO
1995 Demo of Hell DEMO
1994 The Butcherbitchtape DEMO


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