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WARWOUND. Remember this name. A band that created and was there at the beginnings of d-beat/UK82 punk scene together with DISCHARGE, CRASS or CONFLICT. Between 1981-83 they recorded and put out three iconic demos and then they chose to follow diverse paths. For instance they formed SACRILEGE or VARUKERS.    

Now after more than thirty years they feel like meeting again. They called in Rat from VARUKERS, a drummer from HELLKRUSHER and THE VILE and a bass player from FLUX OF PINK INDIANS. This veteran squad will show you at this year Obscene Extreme Festival that they are definitely not ready for the scrap heap!!!      


Warwound were recently reformed by founding member Damian Thompson, also of Sacrilege. The band were originally in existence between 1981 and 1983, playing that UK82/D-beat style of thrashy hardcore punk, and they recorded three cult demos that were hailed as "underground classics", before Damian joined the Varukers, writing and playing on their hugely influential 'Another Religion Another War' 12". He then formed Sacrilege... and helped change the face of metallic crusty punk forever! 

Now Damian has recruited Rat from the Varukers (and ex-Discharge, of course) on vocals, Ian from Stampin' Ground and Decadence Within (and Flux Of Pink Indians!) on bass, and Stevie from Hellkrusher and The Vile on drums, for a new version of Warwound that play a mixture of old (and new!) Warwound songs, plus some of those classic Varukers and Sacrilege songs that Damian penned back in the glory days of the early Eighties!  

The band sound faster and harder than ever, and have a brand new album planned for later in 2016.


Release date Release name Media
1982 A Huge Black Cloud - The Demos 1982/1983 (Profane Existence/Boss Tuenage/Spinal Vinyl)


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