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DEVOURMENT - Butcher The Weak


Nowadays, one of the well-known founders of ultra brutal style called SLAM with their stylishly rotten festering logo! Now the time is ripe for them finally to crush the OEF stage with their feet and to vibrate the equipments and our guts with their inexpressible vocals. 

Watch out for your kids, Babykiller is coming!!!


One of the most infamous American death metal acts, DEVOURMENT is an extreme band from Dallas, Texas with a devoted cult following. They are known for their intense heavy sound, which is often cited as one of the progenitors of the flourishing slam sub-genre, and disturbing imagery/subject matter.  They began in 1995, founded by Brad Fincher, Braxton Henry (who would go on to  engineer/produce all of their material until 2013’s „Conceived in Sewage“), and the late Wayne Knupp.   They broke up after the release of their seminal debut LP „Molesting the Decapitated.“  Compilation album „1.3.8.“ was released shortly afterwards, featuring the entirely of the first LP, 1997’s „Impaled“ demo, and the new single „Babykiller,“ which has since gone on to become Devourment’s most well-known song. After a brief resurgence in 2002, which saw Devourment headlining the first Maryland Deathfest, the band broke up again until 2005, when Ruben Rosas and  Mike Majewski (switching positions from vocals and bass, respectively, to lead guitar and vocals) teamed up with Wayne Knupp to bring the beast back.  Eric Park was recruited to drum for the band’s 2nd full-length album, 2005’s „Butcher the Weak,“ though Knupp departed due to personal issues before the majority of its production.    C. Andrews was hired near the end of 2005 to play bass for live shows.  The line-up of Rosas, Majewski, Park, and Andrews would go on to re-record „Butcher the Weak,“ release 2009’s „Unleash the Carnivore,“ and 2013’s „Conceived in Sewage,“ produced by Erik Rutan for Relapse Records. Devourment once again splintered apart in 2013, seeing the public departure of Rosas and Park cause a cancellation of a high-profile US tour. However, in 2014, fate would have it that original member Brad Fincher would return on drums, and Ruben Rosas would return to his celebrated vocal post in the wake of Majewski’s personal demands leaving him no way to amenably continue.  C. Andrews shifted from bass to guitar, and Dave Spencer was hired to play bass, rounding out the lineup as it currently stands.  The band is currently in the arduous process of writing an album that will essentially be the follow-up to both the band’s last release „Conceived in Sewage,“ and their most classic release, „Molesting the Decapitated.“


Release date Release name Media
2013 Fifty Ton War Machine Single
2013 Conceived in Sewage Full-length
2010 Official DVD 2.5 Video
2010 Purulent Devourments & Cannibalism Split
2009 Unleash the Carnivore Full-length
2007 Official DVD 2 Video DVD
2006 Limb Splitter Split
2005 Official DVD Video DVD
2005 United States of Goregrind Split
2005 Butcher the Weak Full-length
2002 Kill That Fucking Bitch Single
2000 1.3.8. Compilation
1999 Promo 1999
1999 Molesting the Decapitated Full-length
1997 Impaled DEMO
1997 Promo 1997


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