SACRIFICIAL SLAUGHTER from the US is in deed a piece of a properly executed death metal work. Fighting in the scene since 2002 though not very well-known in these parts. However, it does not matter much as the guys are absolutely great as for musical skills. You can primarily be looking forward to traditional execution of American death metal spiced with a bit of thrash metal, grind core or hardcore. This combination makes SACRIFICIAL SLAUGHTER a very pleasant musical experience.  

They will perform on the OEF boards for the first time so I believe they will strive to show you the best of them. I think their show will be fucking worth it. So you should be ready to be there in front of the stage or to stage-dive. You will have an ideal soundtrack for this activity.


Formed in 2001 by vocalist Steve Worley, Sacrificial Slaughter has spent the last decade proving themselves to be one of the most dominating underground acts from the United States. With label support by Crash Music Inc. in 2009 Sacrificial Slaughter released their label debut full-length entitled "Spontaneous Suicide." Multiple North American and European tours would follow along side legendary acts such as VADER, MASTER, PESTILENCE, VITAL REMAINS & many more. In 2011 the band teamed up with independent label HPGD productions for the release of the "American Death Thrash" split EP with Oklahoma's, ENFUNERATION.Featuring 5 brand new tracks from Sacrificial Slaughter. These were the newest recordings of the band since the release of Spontaneous Suicide 2 years prior.The band again toured heavily in support of the release, headlining multiple tours in Europe and North America throughout 2012.  Into 2013 Sacrificial Slaughter proudly announces signing to Ossuary Industries for the release of their sophomore-label-full-length "The Great Oppression."  Endless touring continues to be the driving force behind SACRIFICIAL SLAUGHTER as they roll into 2016 with a new album on the horizon and new territories to conquer.  Watch out for SACRIFICIAL SLAUGHTER coming to a town near you!


Release date Release name Media
2013 The Great Oppression Full-length
2011 American Death Thrash Split
2009 Spontaneous Suicide Full-length
2003 Jackhammer Sodomy Single
2002 The Rebirth Full-length


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