BAIN DE SANG - Alzheimer's Disease


New French grind core squad of BAIN DE SANG know how to pump it up pretty harsh. Not long after their foundation they recorded nine tracks that are ready for a debut album you can listen to even now at their band camp.  

Brutal mix of grind core with hardcore rhythmics brought by ex-members of such bands like BLOCKHEADS, COMITY or AENIMA. And guess what? Correct! You will also see them live at Obscene Extreme Festival 2016 of course!!!


BAIN DE SANG is a brand new grindcore band coming from Paris, FrancePast members of BLOCKHEADS, COMITY, JUDOBOY, AENIMA unite early 2015 with a focus : to drill some hipster ears, get free beers and deliver blast beats.They just recorded 9 songs of a straight to the point and rageous mix of raw grindcore and hateful hardcore.

The LP is about to be released on EMERGENCE RECORDS, UP TO ELEVEN RECORDS and DINGLEBERRY RECORDS. Hear it now on band camp. 

BDS are fucking thrilled and honored to be part of OEF 2016 Get in the pit, have a beer, and come say hi.


Release date Release name Media
0 We are the blood, we are the fear (maxi EP coming out in mid-march, co-released by Emergence Rec., Up2Eleven Rec and Dingleberry Rec)


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