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FAMINE - Lifegrinder


High-capacity reservoir of fastcore/grind bands. This is what the UK has become to Europe. Another squad that has deserved their time on the boards of Obscene Extreme Festival 2016 are FAMINE from Leeds, West Yorkshire. Harsh and primitive, fast grind/fastcore with slowing passages that are so typical for this style.    

A band that has toured almost the whole of Europe and shared the stage with the bands of a similar nature like THE AFTERNOON GENTLEMEN or CHIENS. Their debut album „Razzin“ is going to be put out in February. Fastcore madness to reach OEF 2016!!!


FAMINE are a grindcore band from Leeds, UK. Formed in early 2013, they have been solidly irritating Leeds residents every week with a sarcastic and visceral take on fast hardcore and grindcore, laden with death metal, noise rock and burblin' influence.

After a few line-up changes, the band consists of Wurzel (vocals/gore snorts), George (guitar/backing yelps), and Alan Rice (drums/hair). FAMINE have toured with FULL OF HELL, CHIENS and THE AFTERNOON GENTLEMEN, playing shows in UK, France, Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands, Denmark, Czech Republic and Switzerland, as well as playing shows alongside NAPALM DEATH, WEEKEND NACHOS, AGATHOCLES, YACOPSAE, SATANIC MALFUNCTIONS and many more. They released their first 7" in August 2014; 9 short sharp bursts of freaky fastcore, and their recent 12", RAZZIN', pushes further into uncharted territory. With a full European tour with Shackles confirmed, as well a split 7" with noise rock legends ART OF BURNING WATER, Famine are well and truly seeing it off in 2016.


Release date Release name Media
2016 RAZZIN' 12"
2014 FAMINE 7"
2013 A HAND OF SORE THUMBS demo cassette


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