TERRORDOME - Terror Thrash Killing Machine


You will like this band! Following all the blasts and growls there is nothing better than a breather in a thrash vein delivered by TERRORDOME. Kick-ass old school thrash metal hardcore. Properly in an old manner, properly root and branch! They have managed more than enough during their more than ten year old history.   

Several albums, tour in Brazil and their latest plan is a tour in Japan this year! Terrordome possess the potential to get the whole Trutnov Battlefield to mosh like there is no tomorrow. Circle pit at Obscene Extreme 2016!!!


The beginnings of Terrordome date back to early 2005 when Uappa Terror and Mekong Minetaur came together with the aim of creating a band which would synthesise the best elements of thrash metal and old-school hardcore and yet would play a more up-to-date blend than the typical crossover bands from the 80′s, at the same time shunning from generic metalcore aesthetics. Thus, a bastard was created out of old-school thrash, neo-thrash, old school hardcore, crust, grind and hectoliters of booze. 

After an extensive search the line-up was completed by Mosh and Picho and the band played its first live gigs. In December 2006 Terrordome entered a studio in Cracow to record their first EP, entitled “Shit Fuck Kill”. Finally, after a long and extensive search for a singer the band decided that Uappa’s old school voice suits the sound of Terrordome best. In 2008 Tom The Srom has joined the band to stand in for Picho. The squad recorded new material that was released as a split-CD with Lostbone called “Split It Out”. After a series of gigs promoting the split-CD, Mosh left the band. During the recording stage of Terrordome’s full-length album his successor Rudobroddy left the band as well. He was swiftly replaced by Paua Siffredi who took over guitar duties. 

2011 brought the release of Terrordome’s debut album “We’ll Show You Mosh, Bitch!” via Defense Records. It was met with great response from maniacs all over the world and was followed in 2012 by Terrordome joining forces with Chilean thrashers Dekapited to release the split-CD “Bestial Castigation” via Thrashing Madness Productions. In the beginning of 2013 Terrordome released its first official music video for the song “Brutal Punishment”. In 2014 "We'll Show You Bosch, Mitch" compilation with previous rare releases. In 2015 band recorded & released the second full length album called "Machete Justice". Shortly after, Terrordome started “Machete Justice Tour 2015” and did several shows (mostly in Poland) promoting the new CD. 

Up until now the band has played copious amounts of gigs, sharing the stage with the likes of: Anthrax, Destruction, D.R.I, Vader, Suicidal Angels, Hobbs' Angel of Death, S.D.I, Ratos de Porao, Uganga, Wormrot, Ramming Speed, Caliban, Andralls, Malignant Tumour, Mindflair, SSS, Blunt Force Trauma, Watch My Dying, Chaos Synopsis, Christ Agony, Trauma, Dead Infection, Banisher, Imminent Attack, Majster Kat, Nuclear Vomit and many more. 

Terrordome’s music is the equivalent of a fistblow right into the thorax. It is marked by breakneck speed and fast, chaotic solos combined with aggressive shouts. Its roots shine through vividly, lying alongside the warpath of 80′s thrash stomped into the history of music by the likes of Dark Angel, Slayer, Cryptic Slaughter, D.R.I. or Evildead. 

Current line-up:
Uappa Terror – vocals & guitars
Paua Siffredi – guitars
De Kapitzator – bass & vocals
Mekong Minetaur – drums  

Moreover, members of Terrordome are/were playing in bands like: Fortress, Traktor, Viatic, Inseminator, Exiled, Extinkt, Świniopas, Burnout.


Release date Release name Media
2016 Intoxicunts w/Chaos Synopsis (Brazil) (Defense Records)
2015 Machete Justice (Defense Records)
2014 We'll Show You Bosch, Mitch! (Defense Records)
2012 Bestial Castigation w/Dekapited (Chile) (Thrashing Madness Prod.)
2011 We'll Show You Mosh, Bitch! (Defense Records)
2008 Split It Out w/Lostbone
2007 Shit Fuck Kill


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