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Death metal legend from Poland. Guess who could that be? Moreover a band that has never performed at Obscene Extreme Festival. I see! Bingo? I assume the smart ones know by now.  VADER!!! This band has been around without any major breaks since 1983! One of the truest old school death metal bands in the whole world. One of the few „bigger“ bands from the neighbouring countries that has not kind of found its way to the Trutnov Battlefield. Finally their time has come! Ladies and gentlemen – in 2016 VADER at Obscene Extreme Festival the first time!!!


 Different sources see the beginnings of VADER and interpret it in various ways. The truth is, however, that the band was set up in the autumn of 1983 by two people crucial for the band: Piotr "Peter" Wiwczarek ("Bardast" and later "Behemoth" back then) playing the bass and the guitarist Zbyszek "Vika" Wroblewski. The band started its activity in Poland, the country that was stuck in a completely different reality. Metal was associated only with the two officially existing bands: TSA and Kat... Extreme metal was just about to be born and VADER was among the pioneers of that genre (and the only one left since then) in the newly emerging Underground... Few years had passed and many people had tried to find their own place in the band, when at last in 1985 VADER started to play its first club gigs in its home town Olsztyn. The line up presented itself as follows: Czarny - vocal, Behemoth (Peter) - guitar (in fact, just after the first month I switched from the bass to this instrument), Vika - guitar, Astaroth (later 'Rob') - bass and Belial (later Jacho) - drums. Those days we appeared in the "New Talents" broadcast in a local radio station where 3 tracks were recorded (after many years they came out as a band's 'demo', which is a total bullshit! It wasn't recorded as a demo.) The crucial point in VADER history was its participation in the first Polish (and the first across the Eastern Europe) Heavy Metal festival - Metalmania in 1986. It was the first big step (an audience of about 5000 people) and the first band's success beyond the local area. After the show we were invited to some countrywide radio-broadcasts and a few gigs in Poland. Since Metalmania some drastic changes in line up took place. The Vader co-founder "Vika" left the band to play less aggressive type of Metal in RAXAS. The members of VADER in 1986-88 were: Peter (still as "Behemoth") - guitar, Astaroth - bass, Belial - drums and Czarny - vocal. At the end of 1986 in the assembly hall of present Warmia University this line up recorded a concert which was released as "Live in Decay" demo in 1988 (plus two rehearsal bonus tracks on the tape). This is the only first official release which the band name became known in the world with. 1988 brought on some new line up changes and another step towards even more extreme playing. Due to some personal reasons (a wedding and leaving the country) the band was left by Czarny. I took over the vocals and the drums were taken care of by a SLASHING DEATH hardcore group's drummer - Docent (later better known as Doc) who took place of Jacho - leaving for the police service. During the next few months also Rob abandoned the band... In the spring of 1989 the VADER crew: Peter - guitar/voc. and Doc - drums recorded the first official material in the broadcast station in Olsztyn: a 4-track demo "Necrolust". This was also the first studio release that reached beyond the Polish borders and earned some excellent reviews in many zines across the globe. These were also times when VADER met other extreme underground bands in the world. It was then that the group was joined by Jackie (bass), EVIL DEATH ex-member. 1989 was also the beginning of the ongoing partnership and friendship with Mariusz Kmiolek - VADER manager. "Morbid Reich", a demo recorded in a studio in Olsztyn was the effect of our cooperation. It was also released as a complete novelty in Poland of those days (1990) by a newly created independent record label Carnage Rec. from Warsaw. This material was the first global success of VADER!!! There were two official (and several unofficial) tape editions of this release and also some CD split editions with "Necrolust" demo as "Reborn in Chaos" (and a Picture Vinyl released by Hammerheart Rec.) few years later. Just in the first years of launch "Morbid Reich" gained the status of the best selling demo in the history, being sold in 4,000 pieces. Soon the leading metal label Earache Rec. got interested in our material and, as a result, 2 years later we signed a record deal for the first album. It is also worth mentioning that the first place VADER was invited to a tour abroad was .... USSR. We played 3 gigs there in 1990-91. And very important is to know that "Morbid Reich" was the first place where the band's logo, so recognizable over the next 15 years, appeared for the first time. The debut of VADER under the name of "The Ultimate Incantation" was finally recorded (after the unfortunate session in Sunlight Studios, Stockholm, in the spring of 1992 - unofficially available among Fans as the "Swedish album version") in the summer of 1992 in Rhythm Studio in England with a producer Paul Johnson. Thanks to the label VADER could play its first gigs beyond the western border. In 1993 these were: a tour over Europe with BOLT THROWER/GRAVE and with DEICIDE/SUFFOCATION in USA. The band played its first larger tour in Poland supporting a very popular these days group - PROLETARIAT and one of the gigs was recorded and released by Baron Rec. as "The Darkest Age - Live '93" (the same album, remastered and with changed cover, was released few years later by Impact Rec. and MMP in Poland). During that time VADER was joined by a second guitarist - China. The band (with support of British MTV) had also its first video clip taken to the album opener "Dark Age". During 1992-94 the crew were: Peter-guitar /voc., Doc- drums, Jackie-bass and China -guitar. The years '93 and '94 were most of all tours and gigs, which VADER gave over 200.... The year 1994 started from the release and promotion of EP "Sothis" recorded in March in Modern Sound Studio (Gdynia). It was released by Baron Rec. in Poland and few years later Repulse Rec. released the album to the world. Some changes in lineup also occurred - Jackie (bass) was replaced by Shambo. The album was promoted mostly by two pretty big tours in Europe with MALEVOLENT CREATION. The band's cooperation with Earache Rec. came to an end and it signed a deal with a German label Impact/System Shock. Just at the beginning of 1995 VADER started to work on its second full album - again in Modern Sound Studio with producers Adam Toczko and Tomek Bonarowski. The album was entitled "De Profundis" and was released in Poland by Croon Rec., in Europe by Impact/System Shock and in USA by Conquest Rec.. Once again the band left for a great tour over Europe, this time with CANNIBAL CORPSE/ IMMOLATION , in USA supporting MONSTROSITY/ BROKEN HOPE and in Poland VADER had its first own tour with PROLETARIAT/ SWEET NOISE/ TESTOR. For a visual promotion we chose a video to "Incarnation" taken during Marlboro Festival in Poland. The years '95-'96 brought about another 250 concerts! VADER members in 1994-96 were: Peter - guitar /voc., Doc - drums, China - guitar and Shambo - bass. 1996 brought about another major change in the band. China didn't stand the pace and intensity of work. His place was taken over by Mauser (DIES IRAE / CHRIST AGONY). VADER changed the recording studio as well for SELANI Studio in their home town - Olsztyn. Here, between 1996 and 1998, three albums were created: "Future Of The Past" containing cover tracks and being a tribute to the Metal scene, EP "Kingdom" and the next one, the third album already, "Black To The Blind". As for the other events, necessary to mention is the big European tour with MORBID ANGEL and the first visit to Japan, where a subsequent concert album was recorded - "Live In Japan". The band also signed a contract with Marquee/Avalon as a representative of Vader in the Land of the Rising Sun and Asia. As a result, "Live...." and the preceding three albums were released in Japan. Very important in that period was the VADER first concert video release (on VHS) - "Vision and Voice" (few years later remastered and released in expanded version on DVD as "More Vision and Voice") and the next video clip to "Kingdom". At the end of 1998 VADER finished its cooperation with Impact/System Shock and signed a contract with... Metal Blade! The fourth full album - "Litany"- was recorded Studio RED (Gdansk) in December, 1999 - again with a producer Adam Toczko. Unfortunately, that year was also a beginning to Doc's problems (mainly with his drug addiction). It resulted in his suspension as a drummer and sending him to a rehab. Zabek (YATTERING) took over his place for concerts (e.g. European tour with SIX FEET UNDER/ NILE). "Litany" was released by Metal Blade in the spring of 2000 and promoted by more than 250 gigs/tours over the next two years, among others with DEICIDE/IMMORTAL or VITAL REMAINS in Europe, GORGUTS/CRYPTOPSY, DYING FETUS/DEEDS OF FLESH and the first own tours in USA and once again in Japan. What's more, VADER took part in many festivals both in Poland and in Europe. As a promotional video clip "Cold Demons" were chosen. In the meantime, another EP was recorded in RED Studio - "Reign Forever World" released by Metal Blade in 2001. This material was the last with Shambo as a VADER bass player at the same time.... The spring of 2002 was the first moment to start working on the next full album of VADER. It was recorded in RED Studio with a producer Piotr Lukaszewski and came out under the name of "Revelations". The album was promoted by a huge number of concerts on four continents and the participation in many renowned Metal festivals in the world. In Poland VADER organizes the first edition of an autumn tour "Blitzkrieg" (the first edition featured: DECAPITATED, FRONTSIDE and VESANIA). The "Blitzkrieg" tours will become a permanent means of the next three albums' promotion in Poland (and with the third edition - in the whole Europe). Simon (HUNTER) became the new bassist. The band also made a video clip to "Epitaph" with a vibe deviating from "the standard" and another EP - "Blood". VADER lineup in 2002-2004 presented itself as follows: Peter - guitar /voc., Doc - drums, Mauser - guitar and Simon - bass. The year 2004 started for VADER with a Doc's accident just at the beginning of a recording session to the next full album. As a consequence, the recordings were put off until June in Radio Gdansk Studio and ... there was a change in drum section for a few months. Doc's return to addiction made it impossible for the band to function properly, so one and for all he was ordered to go to a rehab. The band organized some auditions and a young VESANIA drummer Daray became the band's new member. "The Beast" album was his debut in VADER. Also Simon was replaced - his place was taken over by Novy, a bassist playing in BEHEMOTH and DEVYLIN (to name just a few). The album was released by Metal Blade (MMP in Poland) at the end of September, 2002. The material was also released as a special edition containing additional CD with a report from the recording studio and two video clips to "Dark Transmission" and "Choices". The album was promoted by over 200 gigs over the world, including the first concerts in the East (Russia, Lithuania, Latvia, Belarus, Ukraine...) and Balkans (Greece, Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania...). Quite an important event was also the invitation VADER received to open the concert for METALLICA in Poland (Chorzow stadium). The band also released another concert DVD "Night Of The Apocalypse" which was recorded in Cracovian TV studio. Unfortunately, the end of year 2004 wasn't that lucky. Peter's serious backbone injury during the tour over Scandinavia forced the band to cancel the tour in USA with CANNIBAL CORPSE/NAPALM DEATH... In 2002-2004 VADER members were: Peter - guitar/ voc., Doc/ Daray - drums, Mauser - guitar and Novy - bass. In March 2005 - after the number of attempts to fight the addiction - VADER definitely parted with Doc. Daray became fully the band's drummer. Also the label was changed. We decided on Regain Rec. from Sweden which has been our label to date. Those days VADER played many gigs with a new line up, e.g. in South America, Great Britain or in USA with KREATOR. In summer - for the first time in Studio Hertz (Bialystok) - the band recorded a 4-track (5-track Japan version) mini album "The Art Of War". The material opens a new chapter in the band's history. Also VADER logo changed -referring more to the version from the 80s now. There was created a new video clip to "This Is The War" as well. It was made in the style of computer games animation. Just before it's opening night, which was planned on November 2005, VADER went on another Blitzkrieg tour in Europe and a tour over USA. The first months of 2006 were spent mostly on preparation and recording a new full album finally entitled "Impressions In Blood". The material, recorded in May, had its world premiere in September. In the meantime VADER played during several big summer festivals and led the "Metal Crusaders" tour in USA with DESTRUCTION and KATAKLYSM. There were also taken a video clip to "Helleluyah: God is Dead". The premiere of "Impressions In Blood" started the longest in the band's history, 90-concert tour in Europe: Blitzkrieg 4 with (among others) GOD DETHRONED/ SEVERE TORTURE or NIGHTRAGE. The year 2007 started with the promotional tour continuation. VADER gave some gigs in Japan with BRUTAL TRUTH and CRYPTOPSY, 30 shows within summer festivals in Europe, tour in the East with KRISIUN/ ROTTING CHRIST/ INCANTATION and a tour over Scandinavia. Crucial was also a concert in Varsovian "Stodola" recorded and released by MMP in October as a third official DVD material - "...And Blood Was Shed In Warsaw". In autumn VADER entered a studio to work on a special material summing up 25 years of the band's existence. It occurred to be a double album containing 25 the most important tracks in the band's history, recorded again from scratch in Studio Hertz with Wieslawscy brothers. During the session the band recorded "Sword Of The Witcher" - a soundtrack/ trailer to a game The Witcher composed specifically for a video games producing company (CD Projekt RED). In August 2007 the first VADER official MySpace and You Tube websites were available. Between 2005 and 2008 the band's line-up presented itself as follows: Peter -guitar/ voc., Mauser - guitar, Novy - bass and Daray - drums. In March 2008 a double album entitled just "XXV" is released. Its special edition had an additional DVD containing 15 video clips chosen from different old VHS tapes which were a documentation of the band. At the same time there started the band's 25th-anniversary tour including e.g. 44 gigs in Europe or taking part in summer festivals in USA (under the name of "Summer Slaughter") together with, among others, BDM/ CRYPTOPSY/ ABORTED. However, VADER visited American festivals in a changed line up. Martin (DECAPITATED) took Novy's place in a guest appearance. After the band's return to Poland for a festival of Woodstock 2008, it was Reyash (INCANTATION, CHRIST AGONY) who played the bass this time and...he stayed in VADER. In August 2008 VADER line up changed drastically. Daray (drums) got an offer from DIMMU BORGIR and Mauser left the band to focus on his private music project UNSUN. But only after a month the band, as if the Phoenix from the ashes, appears on a two-week tour in Scandinavia and Baltic Countries with a completely changed crew. Mauser was replaced by Wacek (Vogg) Kieltyka (DECAPITATED) and behind drums sat Pawel "Paul" Jaroszewicz (HELLBORN, CRIONIX) selected from an audition for this post. In December new VADER started preparations for a new album "Necropolis" - announced for autumn next year. In studio Hertz new four tracks were created, among which two: "Rise Of The Undead" and "Impure" appeared in February and March on official VADER websites. The year 2009 started with a January tour over Europe with DEICIDE/ SAMAEL. At the end of March the band entered studio Hertz to record tracks for the album "Necropolis". 11 of them were later held by a producer Tue Madsden in AntFarm Studios in Denmark. April happened to be a great turning point in the band's history. After several-year cooperation VADER left Regain Rec. to join the ranks of a metal giant: Nuclear Blast!!! A new era was about to start!!! Just in the same month VADER gave a series of concerts over Poland. There were also planned several festival gigs for a summer period and in the last days of August (this month was reserved for a new album premiere as well) there started a promotional tour with a new program already. VADER concert plans in USA for 2010 are becoming clearer. There's also prepared a renewed version of the official website. The current VADER line up is: Peter - guitar /voc., Wacek - guitar, Reyash - bass and Paweł - drums. 2010 started with a two-week tour with MARDUK in southern Europe. The gigs were featured with Marek "Spider" Pająk (ESQARIAL). This line-up played almost monthly tour in February and March on the British Isles, in Ireland, Scandinavia and Benelux countries. In the meantime, in the band's home town Olsztyn, VADER was nominated for the award for promotion of regional culture in the world. In April the band takes part in the monthly OVERKILL anniversary tour (KillFest) as a direct support with Marco Martell (ex-MALEVOLENT CREATION,AGAINST THE PLAGUE) as a guest guitarist. In May VADER gave a two-week tour with DEICIDE and MARDUK in Europe, appearing on stage of great events organized by Music For Nations under the name of Metal Fest. The band continued the tour during a three-week tour across Eastern Europe (Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Moldavia). After summer holidays VADER is going to start another great tour throughout United States with IMMOLATION (October) and will continue the gigs in South America (November) and Mexico (December). The band also starts to plan recording of another full album under the work title "Welcome to the Morbid Reich". The band ends the year with a special New Year's Eve show in Switzerland with DESTRUCTION and ROTTING CHRIST to name just a few. The line-up in 2010 is: Peter - guitar/voc.; Spider - guitar; (Marco Martell - guest guitar in USA); Reyash - bass and Paweł - drums. 2011 starts with almost half-a-year period of silence due to the band's preparations to recording of their new album. There are also some line-up changes. The New Yera's Eve show in Switzerland was the last one with Reyash. His place is taken over by Hal (DEAD INFECTION, HERMH). In March and April, in Studio Hertz (Bialystok), the band records next full album in their career: "Welcome To The Morbid Reich". In the meantime, VADER gives a guest performance with SLAYER and MEGADETH in Lodz. After the recording session, the band leaves in May/June for a series of summer shows all over Europe. The tour called Summer Campaign 2011 preceeds the premiere of "Welcome To The Morbid Reich". Summer time is a great amount of festivals (among others: Metal Hammer Fest with JUDAS PRIEST, Summerbreeze, Istambul or a two-day Sweden Rock Cruise aboard a ferry on the Baltic Sea). Armageddon in the Park, an Italian fetstival, was the last one with Paul in the line-up. His place is taken over by British James Stewart. August is marked with the premiere of "Welcome To The Morbid Reich" (Nuclear Blast). VADER plays a series of gigs in the new line-up in Poland and Japan. In November the band starts their first tour promoting the new album (with GORGOROTH). The line-up in 2011 was: Peter- guitar/vocal, Spider - guitar, Hal - bass guitar and James Stewart - drums (Paul till August). 2012 is marked with intense promotion of "Welcome To The Morbid Reich". In March, traditionally, another "Blitzkrieg" in Poland. In May VADER goes on a tour in Russia with KATAKLYSM and MARDUK. In June VADER performs during 8 Metalfests in Europe (with their Friends, BEHEMOTH). Summer time is a period of festivals (Metaltown, Queens of Metal, Fist Full of Metal or Jalometalli, to name just a few) and a tour in Mexico and Southern America, during which VADER headlined Rock Al Parque Festival in Bogota for over 50 000 people. After a 3-month break, the band comes back on stage with a new program for a tour called Back To The Black. 23 shows in Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia were meant to remind the band's fans two great albums in VADER's career: "Sothis" and "Black To The Blind". The band prepared re-release of the abovementioned albums on CD (Witchmaster Prod. in Poland) and vinyl (NightofthewinyldeadProd.) 2013 was very intensive. In January/February VADER kicked off with the first part of "Back To The Black Tour" in Europe (with ABORTED and BONDED BY BLOOD) and second part in April/May (with MELECHESH, STERBHAUS And W.I.L.D). The summer included VADER's participation on many festivals also a visit in Brasil for special shows. The band came back to USA after almost three years with great tour in September (with VITAL REMAINS and SACRIFICIAL SLAUGHTER). In middle of December started intense work on a new album  2014 has just started and the VADER has finished recordings of new full lenght album, entitled TIBI ET IGNI ("For You And Fire") in March 2013. It is set to be released on May 30th, 2014 via Nuclear Blast. The band recorded the album at Hertz Studio in Bialystok (Poland) and it was produced by Wojtek and Slawek Wieslawski. Still before the date, VADER gives a taster to their fans, releasing a special 7’’ single off their upcoming album TIBI ET IGNI, entitled "Go To Hell" (out on April 18th, including the songs "Where Angels Weep" and Triumph Of Death).Planty of Summer fest shows are booked already and the tour for TIBI ET IGNI is planed for last months of 2014. The line up of VADER is now: Peter - voc/guit.; Spider - guit.; Hal - bass guit.; James - drums. On the upcoming album VADER comments: The Fire was released!! The word made flesh and new VADER album "TIBI ET IGNI" is done! We were working four weeks in Hertz Studio between December and February. 10 brand new songs plus 4 bonus tracks are recorded and ready for YOU. Two songs in special mix versions shall be released as 7'' yet in April. The whole album at the end of May. In April and May Vader and Nuclear Blast are preparing some videos to close up the process of work and the album itself. Be ready for interviews and other surprise until "Tibi et Igni" - will be in your hands. The absolute heaviest VADER album in the history!!!!  More info soon!


Release date Release name Media
2015 Geneza Chaosu MCMLXXXIII - MCMXC Compilation
2015 Live in Necro Reich Compilation
2014 Go to Hell Single
2014 Tibi et Igni Full-length
2011 Come and See My Sacrifice Single
2011 Decapitated Saints Single
2011 Welcome to the Morbid Reich Full-length
2009 We Are the Horde Single
2009 Necropolis Full-length
2009 Nile / Vader Split
2008 v.666 Single
2008 Lead Us!!! EP
2008 The Upcoming Chaos EP
2008 XXV Compilation
2006 Impressions in Blood Full-length
2005 The Art of War EP
2004 Beware the Beast Single
2004 The Beast Full-length
2003 Blood / Reign Forever World Compilation
2003 Blood EP
2002 Angel of Death Single
2002 Revelations Full-length
2001 Reign Forever World EP
2001 Armageddon Compilation
2000 Xeper / North Single
2000 Litany Full-length
1998 Kingdom EP
1998 Live in Japan Live album
1997 Carnal / Black to the Blind Single
1997 Black to the Blind Full-length
1996 Reborn in Chaos Compilation
1996 Future of the Past Full-length
1995 An Act of Darkness / I.F.Y. Single
1995 De Profundis Full-length
1994 The Darkest Age - Live '93 Live album
1994 Sothis EP
1992 The Ultimate Incantation Full-length
1990 Vader / Unborn / Armagedon / Violent Dirge Split
1990 Morbid Reich
1989 Necrolust
1988 Live in Decay DEMO


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